• Spring Breakers: Survey

    As a teenager in high school, the first thing my mind thinks of when discussing spring break is sleep! At this time of the year we are now in the last stretch, and severely struggling to make it to the end of the year.

    As of now we have one more quarter to finish before we can enjoy a beautiful summer, full of bright blue waters and sunny yellow sunrises. Though it is a fact that only seniors can get senioritis, ANYONE can catch spring break-itis.

    So while watching my fellow peers slug through the last week, full of exceptionally long assignments and tests ranging from small quizzes to incredible important exams, i thought that i could de-stress some students and ask them about spring break.

    After interviewing numerous students personally and then about 7 randoms in the hall I have narrowed down activities:

    10 of our fellow students will not be going out of town, 7 will be going out of state, and 3 will be traveling out of pueblo but will still stay in the state.

    I conducted this quick survey for 2 main reason; reason being that I am naturally a nosy interviewing individual, and reason two, wanting to discuss spring break and de-stress some of my fellow peers.

    Now that we have made it to spring break, I would like the rest of our student to know that through tests and assignments and IA’s (internal assessments) it is important to take a step back and now that though education is important, it is good to take a break and smile. It is also beneficial to feed your bodies adequately.

    I hope everyone has a magnificent spring break, and spends their time relaxing.


  • Senior Year: The Home Stretch

    The 2017 Senior class only has about two months left until graduation and finally saying good-bye to Pueblo West High.

    The intimidating transition from being the kings and queens of high school to becoming the infants of the adult world is coming very soon. senior Ragan Maceyra stated, “It is exciting and scary. I am excited to leave high school but scared to be on my own.”

    A common component of senior year is senioritis. This fictional disease affects many students and causes many of them to worry less about attendance and focus more on preparing for the world outside the high school’s walls.

    Many underclassmen look up to the seniors and look forward to making it to the top. Advice given by senior Dirk Hodge explained “Just work hard the first three years and then senior year will be pretty easy.”

    Cherish this time with the seniors because they will be gone very soon. Come support their great achievement by coming to the graduation ceremony on May 25th at the State Fair Events Center.

  • Spring sports in full bloom

    With winter sports coming to a close, spring sports have started and are in full swing. Pueblo West has a large variety of spring sports. Girls’ Tennis, Girls’ Soccer, Girl’s and Boy’s Lacrosse, Baseball, and Track are all going on during the spring.

    This week all sports had their first official tryouts and practices and the coaches and players are already excited for their seasons. While this is the beginning of the official practices, these athletes and coaches have been preparing for months already. Coach Decker, who coaches the soccer team, said that his team has been preparing since summer. This is also consistent with the other sports.

    A Boys’ Lacrosse player, Dawson Lambert, said, “I’m excited for the season. We lost a few key seniors last year so some underclassmen are going to have to step up, but we should have a decent season.”

    The first spring sport home game will be a Girls’ Soccer game on March 9th at 6:30 against Palmer Ridge.

  • Important dates for spring testing

    The standardized testing season is upon the students of Pueblo West High.

    Each class is administered a different test: Freshmen will take the PARCC English, Language Arts, and Math tests, Sophomores will be taking the PSAT, and Juniors will take both the SAT and CMAS tests.

    Sophomores and juniors will start the testing week, taking the PSAT and SAT on April 11th.

    The Freshmen will take their PARCC tests on April 12th and will join the Juniors for more PARCC/ CMAS testing the 13th.

    All of the scores gathered by these tests are looked at by colleges and important to a student’s academic future. Taking the time to do well on these tests is a very worthwhile cause.

    We at the Cychron staff suggest taking the time to use the practice tests provided on March2success.com to enhance scoring capabilities for all students.