• Boys tennis finishes up season

    Friday, October 7th through Saturday the 8th was the 4A regional championship tournament in which the Pueblo West Cyclones Boy’s Tennis team strongly competed a week after clinching the 4A SCL title with a monumental win against the Centennial Bulldogs.

    Upon interviewing senior tennis player, Sam Larson, his thoughts on the season overall were expected. “I was switching from doubles to singles so there’s a lot of different type of game and a lot of different mentality types of things.” His response to mentioning the SCL title were just as great, “It was kind’ve fun considering we took the SCL two years ago because last year, Centennial came and took it at our courts and we went there and took it at their courts so I think it was honestly good. Our three doubles stepped it up and clinched the SCL as they said which is very exiting because we were three all in the dual so it was good to see that they won the last game.”

    Sam also stated his personal experience at regionals this past weekend, and how he keeps his mental game at top-notch at the heat of battle. “There was some tough competition. I am able to keep my cool by connecting with my teammates, so like, joking around a little with them.”

    Although Sam was unable to make it to state, his efforts combined with the rest of the team put the Cyclones at 4th place at the regional tournament. Two doubles, consisting of junior, James Moore, and senior, Jacob Fletcher, and three singles, consisting of junior, Nick Hawk, will be representing Pueblo West at the state tournament this upcoming weekend. The state tournament took place Thursday, October 13 through Saturday, October 15 at City Park. Both teams that qualified lost in the first round, but Pueblo West Tennis had a tremendous season.

    Sophomore, one singles Tyler Cruz hits a forehand return in his match against Fountain Valley at the regional tournament last weekend.
    Sophomore, Tyler Cruz, of one singles hits a forehand return in his match against Fountain Valley at the regional tournament

  • New sport becomes popular at Pueblo West

    A new sport is becoming popular at Pueblo West and across the nation. At Pueblo West High School, Student Council uses this sport as a team building activity, usually playing on Thursdays after school as a fun way to bond. In the future, there may be an event where the entire school is welcome to compete possibly for prizes.

    The sport of Spikeball, also known as Roundnet, is played 2 vs 2, with a taut hula hoop-sized Spikeball net placed between the teams.  A player starts a point by serving the ball down on the net so it bounces off the net, up at his opponents.  Each team has up to three hits between them, just like volleyball, to control the ball and bounce it back off the net.

    The ball may be played as far from the net as possible as there is no out of bounds.  When one team misses, the other team scores. Once a point starts, players can move anywhere around the net. Even though it is not as popular as other sports, Spikeball is growing nationally and even now has team rankings across the United States.

    Recently,Denver hosted the Fourth Annual Roundnet Tournament.  Approximately ten teams flew to Denver to play in the tournament, joining another 35 local teams to compete for the prizes including nectar sunglasses, a weeklong vacation to a destination of their choice.  The tournament was supported by numerous  sponsors such as Nectar, Body Armour Sports Drink, and Wind Pouch.   The future promises more tournaments and more participants.

  • Lack of substitute teachers

    At Pueblo West High School, having a lack of substitutes is a recurring problem. It has been very hard to find substitutes to be there when a teacher is absent. A lot of the time another teacher will have to use their plan hour to fill in for the teacher absent. It is very hard to find substitutes lately. Most of the time the same substitutes are coming in.

    Mrs. Nogare’s secretary, Mrs. Darla, works very hard to schedule substitutes for the school. In an interview with her she stated that, “The list is just very small… some of the subs that are on the list will only go to certain schools.” There is a lack of subs in the community and only some of them will come to Pueblo West. She also commented on the fact that teachers in the building often have to fill in and act as substitutes. She said that there have been quite a few instances this year where that has been the case. Mrs. Darla said, “I started in February and it wasn’t as bad as it is this year. We had about four subs who used to come to Pueblo West High School all the time who have either moved or stopped subbing, so that’s kind of put a little bit of a dent in our, you know, supply of people that normally come here.

    According to teachers and Mrs. Darla the main problem is the lack of substitutes and the fact that only some of the substitutes on the list will come to Pueblo West. The lack of subs puts a strain on Mrs. Darla because she schedules them, teachers who have to worry about who will cover their class, and other teachers in the building who have to fill in during their plan.

    Hopefully the problem does not continue to exist at Pueblo West.


  • Winter sports starting soon

    Wednesday, November 2nd at 6:00 p.m. the annual winter sports meeting will take place here at Pueblo West High School in the auditorium.

    The winter sports include: boys’ basketball, girls’ basketball, wrestling, girls’ swimming, as well as speech and debate.

    All winter sports coaches, Bobby Tyler, boys’ basketball, Gil Lucero, girls’ basketball, Ryan Schumann, boys’ wrestling, and Diane Petkoff, girls’ swim, can be reached at their emails or at the sports meeting for information about the individual winter sports.

    Many of the winter sports programs are trying to live up to the reputations they created during the 2015-2016 seasons.

    Boys basketball, in particular, had an undeniably notable 2016 season.

    As the reigning 4A state champions, the team has pretty big shoes to fill, but according to Athletic Coordinator James Wagner, it is not far-fetched to be thinking of a repeat: “You can never expect that [a repeat], a lot of things have to come together at once, but… they have all the talent in the world to do it again,” he says.

    Wagner also noted how all of the winter sports programs have the chance at making strides this upcoming season.

    “All our winter sports will be very competitive,” said Wagner, “wrestling I expect to be in the top three or four in the state.”

    However, the expected success does not just end with the boys’ sports. Wagner stated how girls’ basketball and girls’ swimming should compete on a high level due to returnees from past seasons. “Girls basketball should be really good, they have a lot of and girls swimming has some great swimmers returning from last year,” said Wagner.

    Of course, one of the biggest goals for all sports here at Pueblo West is the coveted South Central League (SCL) title. With fall sports primed to win six of eight fall titles, Wagner expects winter sports to win three of four possible SCL crowns. However, he does say, “Taking all four is a definite possibility!”

    Stay tuned to the CyChron for more updates on winter sports!









  • STUCO gets ready for homecoming


    This Saturday, from 8:00 to 11:00 in the evening, Pueblo West High Student Council is putting on the annual homecoming dance.

    This year’s theme is ‘Drops of Jupiter’. According to Lindsey Moore, student council sponsor, students found the idea over the summer and stuck with it.

    Mikayla Lerch and Holley Gerber were given the responsibility to make homecoming come together. They have to prepare things that the average person would have never even considered.

    For the homecoming assembly on Thursday, Lerch and Gerber have to organize the timeline of the assembly. Homecoming court nominations have to be set up almost a month ahead of time. The sports representatives also have to be prepared for their speeches. As Gerber described, “We have to make sure that the sports representatives actually have a real speech so they do not just up there and get really nervous.”

    As Gerber described, “We have to make sure that the sports representatives actually have a real speech so they do not just up there and get really nervous.”

    The actual dance is a whole different ball game. Lerch and Gerber have to find a photographer, security guards, decorations, chaperones, and many other important last minute details. Rumors have been flying the halls of Pueblo West saying that there will be a real DJ to work homecoming. Moore confirmed that a member of DECA will be in charge of the music because they did such a good job the annual DECA Morp dance.

    Remember to stop by the Athletic’s Office to get your homecoming ticket for $10 or simply buy it at the door. See you there!