• A Holiday Match ~ Pueblo West Cyclones vs Resurrection Christian

    On December 2, the Pueblo West Cyclone Boy’s Basketball team fought for a win against Resurrection Christian in the Holiday tournament, playing their fourth game so far this week. As for this match, either side furnished an intense and upbeat game, leaving the fans on the edge of their seats and leaving the game remembered as a barn burner.

    Throughout the match, three-pointers and two-pointers were thrust into the nets left and right. On the Cyclones side, Alec Cash scored two-pointer lay-ups and three-pointers. At one point in the game, he even slid on his belly, flinging a ball into his teammate’s hands from the ground.

    Cyclones’ two-point free throw. Both points were scored by Taylor Harris.    Photo Creds: Jazmine Zoorob
    Cyclones’ #10 reaching for a two-pointer while hoarded by the opposing team.


    Cyclones’ #3 Julian Lucero heading into the other half of the court, ready to fight.

    Logan Garcia and Julian Lucero also made major impacts on the game, getting their fair share of two-pointers and three-pointers. However, on the Resurrection Christian’s side, three-pointers seemed to be their specialty, with players swishing them from outside the three-pointer line. The game was thrown into a violent and physical match, with either side colliding in desperation to retrieve the basketball.

    When asked about how long they have been playing, both Garcia and Lucero stated that they have been going at it since the age of four. When it comes to what inspired them, Lucero responded by reminiscing, “I was kinda just born with a basketball, I guess. I’ve always, just, I just used to have this little hoop, a little toddler’s hoop, and I would just get a little ball, and I just shot it forever. It was just always fun for me.” On Logan’s side, he laughed, “I just thought that… I loved playing sports and I played in every sport. In middle school, I just stuck to basketball.” When it comes to goals this season, both players wish to make it to state championships and win.

    This season, the Cyclones have been faced with shifting strategies due to new leadership, coming in the form of Coach Tahern. Tahern coached basketball for three years before taking the position at PWHS. When asked about what his goals for the season are, he replied, “Well, right now, we are just trying to take it one game at a time and one win at a time, and focus on our next opponent. But, I know that our boys have lofty goals at the end of the season, and when the state championship comes around, we try to take… we try to focus on one game at a time, right now.”

    Tahern’s views over the challenges faced by the Cyclones are, “Right now, there is just a new system with not very much practice time, and we played four games in six days, and so we haven’t had time for practicing. We’re really, really tired right now, but … that’s kind of the biggest challenge – is to have the guys ready and have a new system without very much practice time.” On another note, Coach Tahern considered his players as friends and enjoys practicing with them, relaying, “They want to have a really successful season, and that makes it easy as a coach when they show up ready to work hard every single day.”

    After this season, Coach Tahern hopes to leave his team with a message, which he communicated as, “I’d just like to prepare our guys for life after Pueblo West basketball or after Pueblo West High School, and the lessons that are learned with basketball, they’ll be able to take along with them after they graduate.”

    Both team’s players sliding away from the post after fighting for the ball near the net.

    Back into the highlights of the game; the rivalry hit a turning point in the fourth quarter when both teams were met with a tie with only a few minutes remaining. This would soon be changed, leading the Cyclones into the lead when Taylor Harris lay-upped the ball into the net, guiding the Cyclones into a score of 63-59. With twenty-nine seconds left in the game, the Cyclones were given a technical foul, scoring two points off of the opportunity, while Resurrection Christian gained five more points with a two and three-pointer. However, the Cyclones were able to solidify their triumph through #2’s success in scoring both of his free throws.

    Either side boasted impressive skill, but the Cyclones were able to acquire the final piece of the puzzle, gaining another victory in the tournament.

  • The Stress of College

    As the end of the first semester of the 2018 and 2019 school year quickly approaches, many seniors are stressed about the idea of college. Many students are worried about passing their final exams and getting into a decent college.

    After spending the past four years at Pueblo West High School, some students are sad to leave. Diana Suarez Manriquez says, “I’m very upset that this is my last year of high school because I’m going to leave behind good teachers and friends. I want to go to a college that is a good distance from my family, but not too far that I can’t drive to visit them during the holidays.”

    Most students encounter stress due to school on a daily basis. What comes after high school, however, can be much more stress inducing. Students have to worry about what college they want to attend, as well as being accepted by that college.

    Gabriella Garbiso says, “I’ve been super stressed about graduating. I know I’ll pass but failing a class I need is a huge fear of mine.”

    College is something that many students are looking forward to experience. Kimberly Vecellio says, “I’m kinda stressed about it, but I’m looking forward to it.”

    Even though the preparation for college can cause quite a bit of stress, the class of 2019 is soon going to start the beginning of the rest of their lives.

  • Thanksgiving Break 2018

    With Thanksgiving break right around the corner, many students are making plans for the turkey filled holiday, while some just can’t wait to finally get a well deserved break from school.

    Thanksgiving is one of the biggest times for traveling all year. Many families take advantage of this break to visit family and loved ones.

    A lot of the students are excited for the time off. Travis Persons says, “We’re going to Grand Junction and also some skiing. We’re having family over on Thanksgiving as well!” Many students like Persons enjoy the break from the same school routine. He also says, “I get to sleep in and don’t have to wake up early for school.”

    Marissa Awmiller states, “For break I’m going to the Broadmoor. I’m glad we have a break from school. I love getting together with my family, and getting good food. I’m really grateful for my family.”

    Some students aren’t as excited about the upcoming holiday. Gabriella Louther says, “I’m going to play basketball over the break. I just stay home in Pueblo. I think the holiday is kind of pointless. The best part is getting a break from school.”

    Be sure to have fun with your family this break. Happy Thanksgiving!



  • Halloween: Spooktacular Holiday or Horrifying Nuisance? (Editorial)

    Pretty much as soon as the calendars turn to October, the Halloween season begins. For some, it’s a night full of fun, costumes, and candy. For others, Halloween is just a night of ringing doorbells and supplying the neighborhood kids with even more sugar. In my opinion, I think your opinion of Halloween changes as you age.

    For most kids, Halloween is the best time of year. What kid doesn’t love free candy? Personally, I used to love dressing up when I was younger and go trick or treating with all my friends. Even though I enjoyed the holiday as a child, I had some pretty traumatic Halloween experiences. After watching Hocus Pocus for the first time I couldn’t sleep for days. One of my first times trick-or-treating I was terrorized by a neighbor and in result, ran all the way back home.

    It seems that as soon as kids reach middle school, enjoying Halloween officially becomes uncool. You still celebrate it, but on a much smaller scale. It’s pretty much the same as Halloween in elementary school, except you’ll be sent home if you show up dressed like a pirate.

    Once I reached my high school years, however, it’s almost as if I didn’t have the time to enjoy Halloween. As I got older, I enjoyed the time before Halloween more than the actual day. I love watching horror movies and walking through haunted houses. The adults, I know hate Halloween solely because of the hassle that comes along with it, decorations and passing out candy, which consume most of Halloween night.

    No matter the age, someone can always find joy in this spooky season. All Hallow’s Eve will forever be a favorite of many.




  • The “Music Man”

    The “Music Man” is a musical of wonders and excitement, being performed by our Pueblo West Cyclones. They’ve worked extremely hard on the musical. It will be held here at Pueblo West High School, the 6th, 7th and 8th of November at 7 p.m. There will also be a preview in 7th hour from 2 to 3:25 for students that would like to go.

    “The Music Man” is about a man that comes to the town and tries to start up a band. But the man has no idea what he’s doing he’s a con man that travels from town to town. Only this time he has a little bit of a bump in the road the librarian without her approval no one in the town will associate  with him.  So he does the only logical thing in his head…court her for her approval.

    Brevin Mizell, a sophomore who plays “Mayor shin” in the play, went on to explain how his character feels about the man and how he thinks he’s corrupt. He describes, “I kinda act as in a way the villain of the story, because it’s kind a flip flopped the villain role in a way. I’m trying to protect my city from this sales man, who comes in and is trying to poison it, my character believes.” Mizell also tells me how the mayor and his daughter are having issues and he’s trying to protect her.  From hearing what Mizell had to say it seems this mayor is quiet the character.

    In an earlier interview with Mrs. Kinnischtzke, the choir director, said,”Drama is helping, wood shop is helping, and band is helping. The kids are working really hard to put on a good show. “This musical ‘The Music Man’ seems to really be bringing together these creative mines and will be a sight to see!” 

    Hope to see everyone there for the show!