• What’s next in store for Mrs. Nogare?

    Martha Nogare has been at Pueblo West High for 20 years and help to built the school from the ground up. This will be her last year being it’s principal. She is going into retirement, which she has earned for the countless hours she has spent with her students and other teaching staff.

    Even though she is leaving, that doesn’t mean she will stop being a cyclone. “I plan on attending events to be a part of this school because I love this school and I have a great deal of pride and joy in this school,” Nogare stated.

    Students can thank her for the unique traditions we have, like the Pigskin Classic and Powderpuff. Nogare explained that she was here when there were only 187 students and the building only consisted of the Main Gym. She was the Student Council sponsor at the time, and was put in charge of establishing, clubs, sports, and traditions for this new school. The principal at the time, Mrs. Taravella, told Nogare to do what she had to do to get the school up and running. “I started that by bringing some of the things from other schools that I know students would enjoy, like homecoming traditions, dances and kings and queens and that sort of thing, the different sport opportunities, different clubs, and activities.”

    Pueblo West High has become well-known for its excellence not only in academics, and athletics, but also the atmosphere of the student body. Nogare explained that the culture of the school, and everything that has contributed to forming it, is one of her favorite things about the school.

    She described how she can relate to the current class of graduating seniors, “What’s funny is you look at students that are just going through this school and understand that how quickly the years go… if I had to redo it [my career], I would do exactly the same thing. I would want to be in exactly the same place, doing what I am doing today. No regrets what so ever.”

    While Nogare is very proud of the school and what it has developed into today, she claims that she will definitely not miss all that paperwork; with 74 staff members, teacher evaluations are a very long process for everyone involved. She explains, “The bureaucracy side of education is tough and it is very demanding.” 

    On the other hand, the hardest thing for her to leave behind is her students. Nogare described what keeps her going while working in education, “High school students, it’s my life, it’s my passion.”

    One thing she is excited for is “being the manager of my own time.” Nogare loves to be outside. She likes to keep up with her garden and travel to visit new places. She and her husband are hoping to go to a resort in Mexico.

    Nogare describes another project she is looking forward to working on, “My daughter is getting married a year from now, on April 28th, so my guess is that we will be spending a lot of time planning because he’s Italian, she’s Italian with big families and we are going to have this huge wedding.”

    Mrs. Nogare is arguably the best principal that Pueblo West has ever had. Her leadership and friendship will be missed. On behalf of the CyChron and the student body, we all want to wish her a happy retirement!

  • Hornet Boy’s Swim continues SCL domination

    Last year, the swimmers from Pueblo County High swept every swimming event at the SCL championships.

    In 2017, with help from experienced Cyclone swimmers, they won all but two.

    Last weekend, SCL boy’s swimming was held at Centennial High School’s pool. Due to the recent combination of the Pueblo West and Pueblo County teams, five teams competed for the title.

    The Hornets blasted to a huge win on the backs of seniors Max Moreland and Garret Lopez, Juniors Paul Sopko and Treven Wertz, as well as sophomores: Kaleb Deleon-Fisher, Sean FIsher, and Jaedon Vargas.

    “Our obvious strength is our top four boys, but what gets us wins is the fact we have four more backing their performance up with great swims of their own,” said head coach Josh Cortese.

    The Hornets took wins in nine of the twelve swimming events.

    Pueblo West student Lopez took his first ever win in the 100 butterfly, his signature event. “It felt really good to finally win it,” said Lopez, ” I don’t really care what team it was for, it was just nice to win.”

    Other winners from the team include; Wertz, who won the 50 and 100 freestyle, Deleon-Fisher, who won the 100 yard  backstroke, and Moreland, who won the 200 yard Individual Medley (IM) and the 100 yard breaststroke.

    Moreland, as well as receiving a SCL Swimmer of the Year award, shared with teammate Garrett Lopez, broke two team records. The Rocky Ford native swam a 2:05.69 in his 200 IM and a 1:02.97 in his 100 breaststroke, both times were fast enough to smash the previous Hornet team records.

    “I’ve been chasing those records for a few years. I’m just glad I managed to break them at my last SCL,” noted Moreland.

    Sopko, Vargas, and Fisher all contributed to the top six finishes in their individual events, scoring “back-up” points for the team.

    “Without Paul, Sean, and Jaedon finishing as high as they did, this would have been a very close meet,” said Cortese,”None of our boys finished lower than 12th, and all of them made it back to A or B finals on day two. That’s what made the most difference.”

    The Hornets season continues for one more weekend invitational. The state meet, held at the USAF pool, will take place May 19 and 20th.

    Moreland, Lopez, Wertz, and Deleon-Fisher will compete individually for state medals, while trying to get their three relays into the top eight finalists on day two of the meet.

    As a group, the team hopes to be top ten in total point totals at the end of the 4A state meet.

  • Pueblo West students help at the Special Olympics

    On Saturday, May 13, the annual Special Olympics competition was held at South High School.

    Pueblo West High School had 65 volunteers helping at the event.

    Pueblo students volunteer at the Special Olympics.

    Volunteers have a multitude of different responsibilities. They can cheer for the athletes on the side lines, help escort athletes, coordinate activities, or even hand out snacks and water.

    Johanna Woelfel, a teacher at Pueblo West High, explained her favorite part of volunteering, “I loved seeing the athletes arrive with their families and teams. We had at least 30 pueblo west students cheering when people would arrive. The look on the athletes, parents, and coaches faces was priceless.”

    Woelfel explained that the main Special Olympic organizers said that the cheering fantastic. This was their first time doing that, but they want to do it every year in future. 

    If you want to volunteer, in May of next year, there will be sign-up sheets all around the school. Everyone who comes to help is guaranteed to have a job.

  • Farewell Mrs. Spock

    Mrs. Spock has been a teacher at Pueblo West High School for 10 years.

    She is going to work for the Pueblo County Education Association. She is being hired into the position of Union President. “I have mixed emotions (about leaving) I am going to miss the kids and the teachers and the staff here at the high school,” she said.  She says she has learned to be flexible, embrace that every day is different, and to laugh a lot.

    Many students will miss her warm smile and positive attitude. “She is always willing to help after class, is very knowledgeable, and could always to make me laugh,” said an anonymous student in her class.

  • Brandon Hart fundraiser

    On Wednesday, May 4th, Brandon Hart was in a fatal car accident.

    Brandon Hart was a recent alumni member of Pueblo West High School. He was apart of the 2016 graduating class.

    On Friday, May 12, Hart was planning to get married to his fiancé. His family is in need of funds to help support them through this time.

    In homeroom on Thursday, STUCO members will come around to all the classes with buckets. All the donations will go towards the Hart family. 

    Please donate and send your prayers towards the Hart family!