Shorting Out Laptops Makes For Even Shorter Patience

Everyone knows it. Everyone knows how to do it. And whether someone knows how to do it or not, once they learn, it becomes an addiction.

Sticking a paper clip, bobby pin, or even a gum wrapper into the USB drive in the back of any laptop, will turn it off by shorting it out, quickly leaving that person with a turned off computer, and a laptop that’s been shorted out.

Now while someone does this, they may think nothing will happen. It just turns it off. When actually, shorting out a computer can damage its battery life, and the memory of the computer. When using the laptop, it gets hot. Sticking a paper clip, bobby pin, or even a gum wrapper in to the USB drive can start a fire. With the heat, it reacts with the paper clip, when hot it could potentially damage the battery or even that whole laptop.

Nobody wants to be the one caught doing this, and no one wants to be the one who had the laptop shut down. Not only does it shut the laptop down, it also may not save documents like it does when manually shut down.
“I learned it at home,” says one student “I was messing around with my lap top and I put a bobby pin in to the back of the drive and it just shut off.  It shuts off the lap top with no warning. No signs and leave it with a sudden “beep” and it shuts down.”

“I was actually shocked,” a girl who did not want to share her name said, “It shut down right away. I was working on a document and it just shut down. I didn’t have time to save anything. And when my lap top finally turned back on, I noticed,” she said, “that my battery life went down half way, and my document was not there!”
“I think it’s rude that people do that. Not only do you lose your work,” an anonymous said, “it damages your battery and your lap top. And some of it may become a serious deal with your computer.”

If students get caught doing this to another students laptop, they will most likely either get their lap top taken away, or even some teachers may write the students up. Also, if the person takes their lap top to the ER, the ER may ask for names of who shut down the laptop.

So put away the paper clips, bobby pins, and even the gum wrappers, and leave the computers on. Shorting out the life of laptops, does not just damage the laptop, it shorts out the patience of students and teachers at Pueblo West High School.

One Response to Shorting Out Laptops Makes For Even Shorter Patience

  1. Thank you for sharing this information. I believe it is a true safety issue and it violates the acceptable use policy in our school district. Students who do this should get consequences regardless of their reasons for committing this act. It is irresponsible and disrespectful to peers when other peers commit this act to them. In addition, it disrupts instruction and most of all it has the potential to damage the laptop, which in many cases the laptop does not belong to students especially in my district.