School officials respond to Facebook accusations

Within the past few weeks, five new Facebook accounts were created under the aliases of Allison Harnett, Luke McCall, Sophie Harnett, Kate Crawford, and Jake Crawford. Some students have accused assistant principals Sandy Gibbs, Cody Kuhlman, and Gary McCown of being behind these Facebook accounts.

Throughout the week students were skeptical. “An anonymous source told me to watch out for these certain fake profiles on Facebook ,” said Aaron Jamnik. “The profiles were kind of fishy. . . ”

Among the more implausible information listed on the accounts include the fact that all of the people have degrees from Yale and seemed to “like” all of the same things. Also, the pictures behind the false accounts belong to the cast of a popular show in Buenos Aires called Casi Angeles.

Rumors circulating among the students theorized that the Assistant Principals had created the profiles in order to gain information about students inappropriate behaviors outside of school.

Both sides of this controversy have spoken to the CyChron about the issue. When asked if they were behind the Facebook accounts Gibbs simply replied, “No,” and McCown added, “I’m not on Facebook. I’ll never be on Facebook.” Many students seem to think differently.

The story seems to have originated last Thursday when student Braydon Barry had detention during his first hour PA and claimed to overhear the APs talking about a specific student’s Facebook account. When he walked by Gibbs’s computer he claims to have seen the profile of Allison Hartnett displayed on it.

Barry says “[then] I knew for sure it was Ms. Gibbs.”

The rumor spread suddenly and rapidly on Tuesday, November 15th and become the most discussed topic in hallway and lunchroom conversation.

Gibbs said she had no knowledge of the situation until Kulhman called her at home last night. “At first I thought it was kind of comical. . . That’s hilarious they would ever think we have the time to do that . . . It’s more offensive the more I think about it.”

All of the APs seem to think these claims are ridiculous. Gibbs said, “Why would I ever go out there searching for that garbage when I get enough brought to my office that I don’t even want to see to begin with?” Kulhman added, “Facebook is not our friend.” Gibbs went on to say, “And Facebook is not most of the kids in this building’s friend either.”

McCown stated that there was no reason for them to create such accounts, since district policy doesn’t cover behavior outside of school. “I can’t suspend you for drinking over the weekend. Why pursue it?”

Both Gibbs and Kuhlman expressed concern over the possible loss of trust between themselves and students, worrying that students might be reluctant to come to them for assistance.

Still, the source of the rumors and the identity of the page owners remains unclear.

“The moral of the story is don’t add people you don’t know,” said Barry.

3 Responses to School officials respond to Facebook accusations

  1. they say its not them but its kind of weird that as soon as they are accused all of those accounts disappear

  2. Weird that now all of a sudden those amounts got deleted?

  3. I think that this is nothing more then a rumor.