Historic Pueblo West Landmark Gone for Good

Photo source: uspropertyadvertiser.com

For several years, the Pueblo West entrance has greeted guests and citizens alike with a decorative arch. The monumental sign has recently been destroyed and there are no plans to replace it there. “Eventually [the area] will be a big interchanging overpass and underpass,” says Laurie Cozzetto, Manager of Community Development in Pueblo West.

The change is the result of the yearlong road construction project many citizens have been forced to adjust to.

The arch was under the jurisdiction of the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and its destruction is “due to the widening of the road,” said Cozzetto.

According to Cozzetto, CDOT “did not give much notification” when taking down the sign though there were efforts by the Metro District to give the symbolic mural to interested citizens.

This change has been a disappointment to the community and when asked if she has heard any public reaction Cozzetto said “We heard mostly from the people upset about it, especially the day it happened.”

While the sign and mural are completely destroyed, the Metro District is discussing doing a few recognition signs within the community. “We have to go through zoning but the board does want community signs,” she says. A candidate for a community recognition sign is animated and notifies citizens of events in Pueblo West. They are also working with the new Pueblo West emblem for a sign and plan on starting with the East and West corridors.

The sign itself will not be coming back and, for now at least, neither will the construction. “For all practical purposes, it’s essentially done,” says Rick Morgan, Director of Public Works. The changes were made for safety reasons. The previous problems in the road “promoted rear end accidents,” he said.

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  1. thats tragic i luv looking at that sign when i come home from shopping at wal*mark or coming home from visiting the springs.