Federal and State School Lunch Regulations Coming to PWHS

People have all had the health craze in life, but what if it was forced upon a person or a sports team? What about a whole school? Well, next year at Pueblo West High School and many other schools in the district, new food regulations will be coming into effect. The new regulations will be affecting the lunch department and the DECA organization. The rules have to do with foods that will soon be made available to students. Calorie and salt intake are what is mainly focused upon, it seems, when looking at the big changes in food products sold to students.

To further understand the new changes in the lunch system, the Head Cook at Pueblo West High School, Lennea Blase, explained her take on the new changes. “According to the regulations, students are allowed a certain number of calories per lunch. They also set limits for how many ounces of grains and proteins are allowed… the amount of calories that come from fat or sugar… and the amount of sodium. There is a minimum amount of fruits and vegetables, but no maximum.” This means that there will be less salt in every meal to meet the new regulation.

Blase also commented that,” The regulations caused a change in recipes and the lowering of the use of processed foods.” In effect, some foods may taste a little different because of the newer, “healthier” ways they will be made to meet regulations.

The menu is said to change a little as well. So what will students be seeing on the menu next year? Blasé said, “ Students will see a reduction in the protein portion and the use of salt. On the plus side, they will see an increase in the variety and availability of fresh fruits and vegetables.” 

More changes may be to come for the lunch department in District 70. Every Pueblo West Cyclone knows where and what the DECA store is. It will also affected by the new regulations. When spoken to, Collin Miller, a DECA officer at Pueblo West, explained that they will no longer be able to sell most of the products that kids love to buy and snack on. Currently, top sellers include chips and other salty products. With the decrease in the amount of sodium allowed, most of the chips will have to go. However, Miller then went on to state that although they will have to get rid of the chips, new items will take their place. DECA is not exactly sure what will take the place of the items that have to go yet, though.

Most students in the District are not fully aware of these changes that will be implemented next year. Will they help make schools healthier? Will the new regulations help students learn to eat healthier? What do you think?