Adults love to hand out advice. Most of it is honest and well-meaning, but there are some things that only a highschooler can relate to, no sugarcoating involved. High school isn’t necessarily easy, but it definitely doesn’t need to be hard. The broken record, cliché, I-have-heard-this-a-thousand-times-before suggestions are really nothing compared to the things that they never tell you- the things you wish you had known sooner.
#1 – Participate in everything. Do not participate in everything. Participate in the things that you want to do or know you could do if you gave the effort. There’s really no need to try anything illegal just because you’ve never done it before and want to cross it off a list of experience. Don’t let others con you into taking classes you don’t really want to take or going places you don’t really want to go. This is your path, and you take the reins from here.
#2 – More is expected of you now. It is true that teachers and staff are going to raise the bar. It is not true, however, that they personally will set higher goals or honestly believe that everyone is going to reach them. Some kids are going to swim, and some are going to sink. The ones who come to class late without their homework aren’t going to be chased down and asked if they have their paper with them; it’s an automatic zero. You set your own expectations, and if you have the will, you meet them. You have to take care of yourself, and the teachers will usually let you do just that.
#3 – These classes will help you with success later in life. There’s a fine line between success and contentedness. If you don’t want to do business in the future, don’t take extra business electives; that isn’t your kind of success. There are countless options for those three spare hours in your schedule, and the choice is yours. Choose wisely. Besides this, classes alone won’t determine your “success”. If you want to do well, stick to your ideals. Work hard, be honest, play smart, and never give up. Those traits, above all things, will help you just as much as your advanced sciences.
#4 Select a path and follow it. Here’s a little secret- there is no path. That’s right. The path does not exist. It’s good to be well rounded and open minded, so remember that nothing, absolutely nothing, is set in stone. If you’re looking for a straight line to where you want to be, you are never going to find it.
#5 Everyone gets treated fairly. Life isn’t fair. Some teachers might like you; some might hate you. There will be favorites, and there will, likewise, be people who get preferences according to their situations and/or their smooth talk. The truth is, you’ll have to work sometimes for what you wantand it does not benefit you in any way to whine about how the person next to you didn’t have to work quite as hard for the same thing.
In high school, all you can really give is your best. You know where you won’t go, and you simultaneously know what you’re capable of reaching. Be open to mistakes, and to learning, and to people. Be open to changing yourself for the better, and you’ll do just fine.