Sports Recognition

If you ask someone in America, they will probably tell you that the most common sport is football. Although this is the most popular sport in the U.S., it is not as well known in places like Italy and Ireland.

In Europe, the most popular sport is football or soccer, and in Mexico, one of the most popular sports is rugby. At Pueblo West High School, football is at the core of our school spirit  and is significant to our students. The team is supported by the school and has the largest student section out of all the sports. The football team also gets the pep rallies for their important games.

Why don’t the other sports get he same attention as the football team? If wrestling, track, and basketball got recognized as much as football does, the athletes may play better. In the announcements, all the football games are announced, and we are told we should go and support the team. Why are the other sports not announced when they have games?

All the other sports have done very well in their league without any support from the school. If some of the support is pushed their way, they may be able to win their championships. In the gym, there is a flag with the sport and the year they reached an accomplishment. Many of them include volleyball, golf, wrestling, baseball, and track. Theses sports are still not popular among the school even after these accomplishments. We are always encouraged to try new things at Pueblo West High School, so why don’t we try to recognize more sports than just football? After all, they deserve it just as much.

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