Outside Perspective on Dance Uniforms

From a dancer, you  probably hear, “Our uniforms are in style and perfect in length”. However, from an outside perspective, I do not approve of the dancers’ uniforms.

I don’t mind what kind of patterns they have on their uniforms. It is the length of the uniform that causes problems. I do not approve of the uniform length at all. If others and I can see your spandex better than your actual uniform, it is time to reconsider the length of the team’s uniform.

From a boys perspective, the uniforms are perfect, but for us girls, the uniforms are not perfect. I would not let my daughter wear that around school or anywhere else. They are too short.

I asked an anonymous source what their opinion was on the dancer’s uniforms, and they responded by saying, “ I wore shorts to school longer than their uniform and I got in trouble because my shorts are not appropriate in length.  If I get in trouble for wearing something longer than their uniforms, I think they should have to follow dress code as the rest of the school does.”

Clearly, the acceptable length for the Dance Team’s uniforms is debatable. However, the Dance Team should have to follow the dress code just like every other student in the school does.

5 Responses to Outside Perspective on Dance Uniforms

  1. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    As a female, looking from the outside in, I think the dance team’s uniforms are perfectly acceptable. They wear spandex under them for a reason. To me it just sounds like somebody is jealous. Granite, everybody is welcome to their own opinion but there is no need to start something by posting it on the school newspaper.

  2. Avatar Fellow Student
    Fellow Student says:

    This article was completely useless. Nobody cares what one student thinks about a uniform, especially when it’s blatantly disrespectful. Maybe the skirts are more comfortable to move around in. An article that criticizes and shames others doesn’t look too professional.

  3. Avatar Anonymous Student
    Anonymous Student says:

    I agree with the article because if there are favorites being chosen among the students than we should be allowed to wear what we want. It’s not really fair that their uniforms are against the dress code and if they have to keep adjusting them as they are dancing then maybe they are a little too short. Just because they are a team at the school they also represent who we are and when we travel as well. This article is also an opinion not a criticism so the writer was obviously not trying to start anything.

  4. Avatar Anonymous Student
    Anonymous Student says:

    I would just like to respond to this article because it seems like research into this subject was neglected because the writer never asked a dancer on their opinion. As a dancer myself these uniforms cost around 80 dollars and are custom made to fit the school colors. When we receive them in the mail we are unable to send them back therefore we have no choice but to wear the uniforms for the year. By no means did we mean to order uniforms that are so short because we do not actually get to try on the uniforms before we bought them. The uniforms that we bought this year came from the same company that we bought from last year. If you don’t recall the uniforms from last year, they were perfect length and passed dress code. Unfortunately, the uniforms this year came in short. If the writer would have known this I believe the writer’s opinion of the Dance Team and their decision on how to make the Dance Team seem like we can ignore the dress code would have been avoided. In addition, when looking into the culture of the dance world you would notice that modesty isn’t very common when it comes to uniforms. It is common that a dancer’s mid-drift is showing as well as they wear shorts that can barely cover their butts. So when looking at our Dance Team uniforms they are considered to be modest with that prior knowledge. If the writer would have been “accountable” like Mr. Whittington has posted on his wall, this entire degrading and unfair article would have been avoided or at the very least would have had a different attitude towards the Dance Team.

  5. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I think that this is an opinionated article and it is not professional to be writing things in the school news about your OWN school team that is degrading towards them. If you think they are too short, keep it to yourself or talk to the dance coach. Don’t post it publicly because I’m sure you don’t like people degrading your article and dancear don’t like you degrading them. Thanks.