Recovery at Regionals

After an average competition season last year, the Pueblo West JV cheer squad is kicking into high gear to prove their talents. They placed second on November 2nd, 2013 at the UCA Regionals competition. The competition was held at the Pueblo Events Center.

When asked the question of how the team prepared for such a huge event, captain, Rachael Nicks, stated, “We had a lot of practice, about an hour every night. We worked on our routine, and we perfected our skills.”

Clearly, it is a good thing the team properly prepared themselves for the event because the competition was tough and tensions were running high on Saturday, November 2nd. Nicks explained, “It was hard because the teams were 5A and they had a lot more girls on their team than we did. It affected the scores because the higher number of teammates on the 5A teams brought a louder volume. We definitely had to work harder.”

Despite the fact that many other teams had an advantage over the JV team, they also had many strong aspects that helped them pull through to reach the top. Rachael Nicks explained, “I feel like our strongest aspect is how well we work together and our compatibility as a team.  Last year the team didn’t work well together, so we definitely had to make the necessary changes.”

Another piece that helps the team to motivate each other is the pre-performance ritual they execute before every routine. The team huddles up, does a chant, and says a quick prayer, so they can remain hyped up and ready to perfect a routine.

For the Pueblo West JV Squad, a bright future is in store. Rachael Nicks says, “I see us going pretty far since this was only our first competition, and we placed really high. I think we can improve significantly as we go on throughout our season.” The JV team has another upcoming competition and plans to do even better. Because of the hard work and dedication, the teams believes they can achieve anything this season.