Pueblo West High and Project 7

On Thursday, December 13th, 2013, Pueblo West High had the honor of having Project 7 perform at our school. I believe that the things Project 7 had to say to our student body were very inspiring. They also had some amazing entertainment for us to enjoy.

As soon as we got inside, the band began to play for us, and it sounded pretty good. The fact that they played familiar songs made it that much better. The kids seemed to like it because it was different. The best part of the assembly was the fact that they inspired the students of Pueblo West.

They had stories to tell us, and the paths that they chose to overcome their own hardships. The words that they used were very enlightening. My favorite part was when they would say “We believe in you.” Just hearing that should make others feel like they have someone. Just a little motivational words like that can go a very long way.

Project 7, I believe, is doing an amazing thing for our community. I am glad that we had the chance to have some amazing people like that come visit us. Once again, a big thank you from Pueblo West High to Project 7. Thank you, very much.