Why Denver Will Win The Super Bowl

The stage is set, and in Super Bowl Forty Eight, the stars will shine. Big games are where big names are made, and where clutch players come out on top.

The Seahawks have the number one defense; the Broncos have the number one offense. The matchup between the best team offensively and defensively will be one for the history books, but that will not be the deciding factor in the game. This game is going to come down to the Seahawks mediocre offense, and the Broncos mediocre defense.

Even though everyone is going to be talking about how horrible the Broncos defense was during the regular season,  it does not matter because it is the postseason now. In the playoffs, the Broncos have given up an average of three hundred and one yards of total offense, against arguably two of the best offenses in the NFL, the Chargers and Patriots respectively.

The Broncos defense is also only allowing sixteen and a half points per game in their two playoff games so far, which is the third best. The Seahawks offense on the other hand is averaging only twenty-three points per game, second lowest in the playoffs so far. Also, the Seahawks offense is averaging only two hundred ninety two yards per game, the second third lowest average in these playoffs.

In a matchup of a top ranked offense and a top ranked defense, this game will come down to the Broncos third ranked postseason defense, and the Seahawks third worst offense in this years’ postseason.

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  1. Avatar Russell Wilson
    Russell Wilson says:

    Clearly whoever wrote this does not know that defense wins titles.