Hidden in the Sidelines

We hate it when they give us homework, we dread every test that comes, and then anticipate what they will tell us next. We don’t like to listen to their advice or even care when they pull us over for a lecture. The clear fact is that teachers and mentors are here in our lives for a reason and if we are not wise enough to see this, then we clearly need to be put back in kindergarten. After going through school themselves and going through training, they dedicate their time to teach us important lessons that are supposed to take us far in life. Yet, instead, we take all of our mentors and elders for granted and long for something better to come along, not knowing that nothing ever will.

Instead, we spend our time watching athletes run down the field, court, rink, or mat on the T.V., hoping that we will learn everything we will need to know for life to come. With everybody struggling and working their hardest to make ends meet, it sure doesn’t seem fair that celebrities like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus can make enough money to support themselves for their entire lives. Celebrities like these  provide entertainment and controversial topics of conversation, while teachers and nutritionists have very low salaries even though they are the ones who provide a major service to the public. Because actors, musicians, and other people of the entertainment industry worked very hard to get where they are, should they be paid millions of dollars simply because they’re famous? Or because they wrote a hit song? Maybe it was the fact that they said something unusual and suddenly became a sensation. Obviously, people never hear what goes on in the classroom.

The average teacher makes about $32,600 to prepare the future generations and make the world progress into a better place, while an NBA athlete makes $5.15 million to, in essence, play with a ball. We pay money to see the movies, watch sporting events, and listen to live music, so it makes sense that the people in the entertainment industry earn a lot of money. It also makes sense to say that teachers, nurses, firemen, police officers, and other career paths take time out of their day to teach, protect and push our generation towards the path of success. So why do we not give them the respect that they deserve? Why do we not praise them and thank them for all that they have done? Why do we look to a television screen for happiness and a source of fulfillment? As a celebrity, they can say one simple word or take a simple course of action, and all cameras and eyes are on them. While those who teach us the important things that we need to know, those who save our lives from being in distress, or give us a second chance  when we mess up, are sitting on the sidelines and are not credited as much as they should be.

With the belief that tax money goes to education and health it would be reasonable to believe this would contribute to workers’ pay, but that is not the case. I think it’s time people set their priorities straight by not contributing so much to celebrities and contribute more to people who actually help us out as a society and shape today for a brighter tomorrow.