Candy is not so sweet anymore…

Photo created by: Kyler Duran

With Halloween being tomorrow, the Pueblo Police Department are wanting you to be very cautious this holiday for there is a possibility you could receive marijuana infused candy.

Since marijuana is now legal in Colorado this Halloween, almost anyone would be able to lace candy in this manner. According to an article in The Pueblo Chieftain, Police say they are spraying the candy with a hash oil spray and once it dries, there is no detectable difference between candy that is infused and candy that is not.

Also in The Pueblo Chieftain article, Police say that marijuana is very easily disguised on candy, leaving no smell or difference in the taste. The THC ingredient can be found in most candies like: lollipops, gum, licorice, gummies, jellybeans and cookies among other things.

Parents and children are warned to examine their candy carefully for any knockoff brands or wrappers that have seemed to be tampered with. Pay attention to the wrapping of the candy and the appearance as well. Companies have taken a knockoff brand and changed the name, but have the same colors on the wrappers in which kids are in a hurry to eat. Children do not notice the difference. Be aware and do not get tricked this Halloween!


We hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween this year!

-Courtesy of the CyChron