Pueblo West High School teacher gets arrested for sexual assault

Francis Weber, a science teacher at Pueblo West High School, was arrested on Monday October 6th with charges of sexual assault on a child by a person in position of trust, sexual exploitation of a child, sexual contact without consent, and invasion of privacy for sexual gratification. The Pueblo County District 70 Superintendent, Ed Smith, stated that no district 70 students were involved.

Weber was placed on paid administrative leave on September 30th due to Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office informing the school on the investigation of Weber. “The sheriff’s department alerted us that they were investigating this individual for a criminal offense of some sort. They weren’t specific,” Smith said.

According to NewsChannel 13, DVD’s were found in his closet, which showed him assaulting a sleeping victim. The victim was not identified by age or gender.

Weber’s bond is placed at $150,000.