Times are changing at Pueblo West High *voting closed*

A big change may or may not be coming to Pueblo West High School next year. Currently, the district has parents and students voting for one of three choices for a calendar for the year of 2015; the first proposal has our school year starting on the 17th of August and ending on the second of June with about the same amount of breaks as this year. The second proposal starts on the the 5th of August and ends on 14th of June but has two weeks of break in October and an extra week for spring break. The third and final proposal begins on the 24th of August and ends on the 9th of June but has about the same amount of breaks as our school year now. As it turns out, students, parents, and teachers actually felt similarly about the propositions. Tony Quick, a 17 year old student at Pueblo West High School, liked proposition B because the breaks would be stretching it out, and he was OK with it as long as he had at least he had one month of summer break.

Mrs. Parker, an English teacher at Pueblo West High School, expressed her thoughts on the three propositions; she was also in favor of proposition B because she felt that, “We are starting so early we need an October break.” However she did not like one thing about it. “I don’t want it to go that far into June, I miss the old days with three months of summer break.”

Mrs. Derting, another Pueblo West High teacher, was asked about what she wanted to happen to our school year. She said that her husband had picked proposition B because it allowed enough break to take a vacation earlier in the year before prime vacation time, which also saves money. She also agreed that the breaks would allow students to feel rested. However she did not like that the first semester ends after Christmas. “It might be better on a trimester,” she noted. Mrs. Derting’s vote differed from her husband; she decided on proposition C.
Kanisha Rodriguez, mother of four students enrolled in district 70, had voted for proposition B as well. She wanted to try something new and felt it would allow everyone to slow down and take breaks periodically. She felt that the summer break was a bit too long for students, “Students lose momentum, memory, and get bored in the summer too easy.”
It appears that the school year might be looking towards a structure like proposition B, however only time will tell.
For more information on the three plans, check Schedule Changes 2015-2016 by Aaron LaRiva on this same site. To see the three propositions, you can find them on district70.org.