A Bollywood Homecoming 2015

Button up, boys! Time to get ready for Homecoming!
Button up, boys! Time to get ready for Homecoming!

Homecoming is the time students get dolled up and go have fun with friends. With it in a week, students are planning on how they are going to attack the day to get ready for this night they will never forget. I asked students around the high school, “How do you get ready for homecoming?”

First, Brianna Chavez says, “I like to get my cleaned up and get my hair ready to style. Then I do the usual make-up, put on my dress, go take pictures, go out to eat, and then head over to the dance.”

For Madi Harris it is a different story because she is in STUCO. Madi says, “Well for me, I wake up and head over to the high school to help set up the dance. Once I finish that I go home and do my hair and make-up while I jam out to my music. Then I do that fun stuff of putting on my dress and taking pictures and eating with the group. Then we head out to the dance!”

It is a lot easier for Ethan Mascarenas to get ready than Madi and Brianna. With it only taking twenty minutes to get ready, he just likes to blare Beyónce and get ready to go take pictures with the group. Then he leaves the house to get dinner, and after a good meal, goes to the dance.

Hanna Douglass says, “I usually take a shower in the morning and let my hair air dry so it is easier to style. While it is drying I do my nails, and then I go get my hair done at the salon.  I come home, do my make-up, and then put my dress on. My mom likes to do pre-individual pictures before I go take group pictures.”

“I myself, like to get my nails done in advance if I can,” says Shaleena Lontine. “I also like to shower in advance so I can let my hair air dry and then I style it. Once I finish, I do my make-up and put on my dress.” Then Shaleena does the usual – eat, then dance!

“I usually wake up, and blow dry my hair after I have showered,” says Olivia Gonzales. “I then curl my hair and do my make-up while blaring Biggie Smalls. To end it I put on my dress and take pictures with my friends!”

Mikayla Hoffman doesn’t dwell too much on getting ready. She likes to get her nails done the day before, but the day of homecoming she is a last minute get ready type of person. She blasts her music on Pandora and gets her hair and make-up ready. Her favorite part is meeting with her friends to go take pictures.

Alex Autobee likes to meet up with friends to get ready. They blare their music, get dressed up, and meet at their chosen spot to take pictures.

Martin Chrisman also gets ready with all of his friends that he is going with, takes pictures with the group, and then makes his way to the dance!

Homecoming is coming up quick, and students are obviously getting excited! Proposals are happening left and right, and kids are picking their colors for the big night. So Cyclones, how do you get ready for homecoming?