Supercross event held in memory of Austin Schindler

This last Saturday, September 26th, motocross riders raced in honor of former PWHS student Austin Schindler. His name was adorned across the entire Budweiser Rodeo Arena at the Colorado State Fairgrounds. The price for this event was $17 which started at 6:00 P.M. All proceeds went towards the Austin Schindler Fund which helps support the Pueblo Youth Hockey.

Racers from the ages of 4 to 60, on bikes as small as 50cc and as large as 450cc, competed in the Sports Riders Association of Colorado Supercross State Championship race. “This event will award the racers twice the amount of points for their positioning at the end of the year,” said Broc Schindler, Austin’s younger brother. “It’ll determine a lot of the racers’ standings for the year.”

The halftime performance consisted of a performance by local professional freestyler Anthony Murray, Strider bike racing, and tandem racing. The Strider bike racing was open to kids four and younger. Tandem racing involves two racers on one bike and they switch after a lap. Skyler Kamer, one of Austin’s friends and former tandem race partner, “might ride around on Austin’s bike” says Broc. “The slide-show that was presented at his service will be shown,” said Broc, “and everything’s in his name.”

These two brothers started when they were young. Broc stated, “Yeah, I think he got his first bike when he was four and then he stopped. I got my first bike when I was like 3 and a half and didn’t race until I was 4. I had to learn how to ride my normal bike with no wheels before I could get mine.”

“I think it’ll be a hard day, especially on my parents.” Broc expressed about his feelings towards the event. The sense of the community within the various activities Austin relished in was quite close. The tragedy of his passing brought shock to everyone, but more so to them and his family. “Most of the dirt bike community, I would say, came in like the most. My parents were closer with the dirt bike community probably because I was there every weekend. Hockey was his first love, and I kinda dragged him into racing, and he got me to do hockey. He tried it out and quit, but then started again when I started racing,” stated Broc.

Austin enjoyed many activities and found friends in not only motocross, but in hockey, DECA, and more. “They viewed him as a leader because he was always putting himself out in front,” said Broc. “I played hockey with him last year and I raced him in motocross once when I was 12. I watched him in hockey and every race he was in. I think it helped him to get out more to other people than those that were on his team every year. He would travel out of state and it helped him be more out-going,” Broc stated about Austin’s experience with motocross.

Motocross had an impact on Austin as his younger brother, Broc, pulled him into it. Motocross honored the Schindler family by enabling the name of Austin Schindler to ride again.