The Cyclone Girl’s Swim Team is taking the Polar Plunge for a good cause

The Pueblo West High school girl’s swim team will be participating in this year’s Polar Plunge on February 25th.

However, the girl’s are not jumping into the freezing waters of Lake Pueblo for nothing. All profits from the fundraiser will go to the Colorado Special Olympics to help pay for events across the state that promote the participation of special needs students and adults in sports.

“They aren’t like the rest of us,” said junior swimmer, Keely Fisher, “they don’t always have the same chances to participate in sports. The Special Olympics gives them the same chances as other kids, and that opportunity can change their lives.”

Fisher, a swimmer and lifeguard of three years now, coordinates all of Pueblo West’s volunteer efforts at Special Olympic events, and helps train the members of the unified Boy’s Swim Team.

According to the Polar Plunge rules, all donations will go to the Special Olympics, however, the team has dedicated their jump into the icy depths to Raylene Duncan.

Mrs. Duncan, the mother of the previously graduated and four year unified swimmer, Tanner Duncan, passed away recently due to cancer.

“We are ‘freezin’ for a reason’ in her honor,” said head coach Diane Petkoff.

The team has a goal of raising $500. In order to achieve that, jars have been placed in all of the homerooms, and money will be collected from Monday Jan. 23rd to Thursday Feb. 6th.

This is a very heartfelt and interesting event for the school, and as coach Petkoff said ,”All donations are greatly appreciated. This is something that mean’s a lot to me and the team, and it will mean the world to the Duncan’s.”

Please donate in your homeroom classes. Every little bit helps!