Cychron Reflection

As my year as a senior comes to a close, I and others alike, are reflecting on their four years. Over the past four years, the school has changed dramatically; there was no auditorium, the weight room was upstairs, and we had fewer classrooms. However, in my four years, only one thing has stayed constant: The Journalism Program. Now, i am not saying it hasn’t changed, because it has. The program has had the most remarkable change I’ve seen.

One thing that has changed greatly is the mindset of the staff. The mindset back then was that journalism  was an easy grade. The truth of the matter is Journalism is A LOT of work. We now know the importance of doing what you can to help the whole program. Sometimes that means constantly being busy, but that is how the industry works. So if your goal is to work harder to make yourself better and prepare for a career in journalism or production, the program is perfect. The production value is remarkable now compared to then. This is no fault of the staff at the time due to the resources available to us. We did not have the luxury of the studio like we do now. In those days the studio was the corner of the classroom. The lighting was likely to burn our reflectors. The content of the newscast was mostly announcements.

My second year is when we gained most of the tools that we use to this day. However, this was not the greatest change to the program. The greatest change would have to be the creative freedom. This is the change that created the biggest impact in the program. We could proudly take ownership of it. This caused everyone to consistently try to better the content and themselves. The quality was on us. This forced us to find story ideas that were fun, creative, and professional content. It was like a renaissance in the program. More people were willing to work to make the Cychron look its best. I could see it was the return to the efforts spread by the original group of staff members before me.

From then on I have only seen the program grow and progress. It is now easier for someone with an idea to execute it. We now have the resources we need. In my years at the Cychron, I have seen and been a part of, so many firsts for the program. I know that years from now, as I look back to see how far the program come from now, I will be blown away. I expect them to be making content that is exponentially better. I hope they make us look bad thanks to the ever-rising standard of quality. I know as the years continue they will only surpass us because we build upon the work of the people before us. We want to do better each time. So in my mind, the Cychron can only go in one direction: up.