Pueblo West High School: Being a freshman

Macie McDowell:

Starting off high school being known as the one class no one likes seems pretty awful. However so far high school isn’t the experience my peers and I thought it would be. For example, the movie classic with kids being shoved into lockers does not exist, unless you want to be the kid shoved in the locker.

My worst fear was falling down the stairs, so far it is week three of school and I have already confronted my fear eight times.There is a whole new world in high school, it is amazing. One lousy thing is there is a lot of pressure on everyone and we are all getting pulled into a million directions. With high school you have to make the opportunity your own.

I am most excited that I joined Journalism; I feel like I actually fit in. Journalism is this huge mix of people where it does not matter what people think of you. Journalism avoids stereotypes and is very professional. That is what I love about it. Being on the staff makes me feel like I know more things and I am open to more experience and growing than others.

Walking into high school not knowing what I wanted to be was probably the best decision. The first day was very intimidating. I had no idea where I was going or what I was even doing. Somehow I found where I was going and subconsciously found people I get along with. There are only two ways you can go in high school, hopefully mine will be up.

Rachael Newman:

Freshman year is thought to be the most exciting, stressful, and scary year of high school. The first day was all those emotions, and more, in just eight hours. I never thought there was that many freshman in Pueblo West.

It was awesome to see all of my previous friends from middle school and even from my elementary school. First hour felt like I was a fish out of water. It was intensely cold in the room and there was a slim amount of classmates that I knew so finding a seat was challenging.

The other two hours were kind of a blur. I was one of five freshman in a Geometry class and the same went for my Journalism class. I was very pleased that the administration gave many freshmen the same lunch period, after homeroom.

Classes after lunch went much more smoothly. The classes did get larger in the number of students which made me feel even smaller than 5’5″. The day ended and I was ready to go home and sleep.

The school is huge even on one floor! I did get lost multiple times and thankfully student council and the staff helped guide me to my classes. As soon as I got home I was ready to go back.

The 2017-2018 school year seems promising and exciting as does my next four years at Pueblo West High School. I can’t wait to jump into clubs, sports, accelerate in my classes, and above all make friends and have fun.

Baylee Bloesser:

My first day of high school was not exactly what I was expecting because it wasn’t the same as most of the other freshman in my class. I spent the beginning of the morning getting ready to perform in front of the class of 2021. My cheer team guided in the freshmen students as they walked in. After the team preformed, another freshman and I taught our class the class yell. Certainly, my morning was different from everyone else’s but was a great experience.

As for the first time going to my classes it was very confusing to find all of them for the first time, but the teachers were a great help to guide us. That day I realized how big the school is. The hardest part was trying to keep track of what floor I was on and the class. After all by the third day I just about had my classes all down, which made things a lot easier. On the first day I met up with friends from years past but, I have met many new ones since.

Even though I am a cheerleader for the high school, cheerleading isn’t the only sport I am involved in. I do high school gymnastics for the Central High School team. I have done gymnastics since I was a baby but this year I started the high school team which I have been preparing for a while. The first week of school was certainly over whelming with the start of both cheerleading and gymnastics practice every night. Of course with everything high school consists of, it was quite an adjustment I will be getting used to.

Patrick Rollins:

Freshman year wasn’t high on my list of things that I was looking forward to last year. I thought that it was going to be very scary, as most people in my grade did. I was wrong. My first day was very different than what I was used to, but in a good way.

When I first walked into Pueblo West High School, I was pretty overwhelmed. I had no clue about where to go after the assembly in the auditorium, so I asked some Student Council members, who were very kind, where to go. But I was still overwhelmed in all of my classes, as I’m taking all accelerated classes and the work we’re planning for is a giant step forward in work that needs to be done compared to middle school.

But after my first hour, in talks of finding my way around, I got a feel for the map and it’s numbers and I was able to find my classes easier than was I was before. Other than me being confused on where to go and being overwhelmed with activities we were planning in doing, my first day here was really good. It was a great experience and I will probably remember it for years to come.

I’m not in any sports at the moment, mostly because I wanted to see how much time the clubs I was planning on joining were going to take up. I’m definitely looking forward to all of the activities we’ve been offered, but not to all of the homework that comes with accelerated classes. I can’t wait to see how this year and my Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years go as a Cyclone.

Kiera Gosney:

The Thursday that freshman year began, I was super nervous about not knowing where all of my classes were and getting lost. Since I am very clumsy and I have a good habit of making a fool of myself, I also had a severe fear of falling up or down the stairs; this fear became more nerve racking when the first Monday of school came and more students attended.

The first Thursday honestly was not as bad as I thought it would have been, I was most excited to see all of my friends that I hadn’t had the opportunity to see over the summer.  For that reason I wasn’t too opposed to going to school. This mainly helped with my motivation of actually trying to enjoy it. Although the band, cheerleaders, and dancers at the entrance of the school were all a little much, I was thankful to have extra people around the school to help me find my way to classes.

The first day with all of the extra sophomores, juniors, and seniors was also not at all as bad as I thought it would be. I had three classes where there were less than ten freshman and the rest were all sophomores, juniors and seniors. By the time lunch was over on that first Monday I realized high school was not going to be as bad as some had made it seem.

I have a lot of homework because I am taking two accelerated classes but I have seemed to manage with figuring out ways to get the work load done when it is due. My worry is that I may not be able to always manage it all because of the club volleyball team that I am on throughout the school year. I enjoy the Journalism class I’m taking because of the laid back environment and the freedom; I am excited for what is to come of the opportunities there are throughout the year in the class.

Now I am almost into my third week of going to this new, big school and so far I like all of the teachers I have. I have not been ran over by those who are six and seven feet tall; plus I have yet to fall down the stairs. I am confident that if I try, this year won’t be so bad.