Through the Lens of a Freshman

Every year, the CyChron writes a series of articles highlighting the graduating seniors at the beginning and end of the year. 2017 is going to be different.

Every year, a class of unknown, and often unheard, freshmen walk into Pueblo West High and start making their individual marks on the building. They leave a legacy for future classes, and if four short years, they will graduate.

But for now, they are still the young guns, and their stories start on day one.

The following anecdotes are written by freshmen CyChron staff members, detailing their personal experience on the first day of school.

Cassadi Baker:

My first day of school was very nerve wracking.

As if moving from Illinois wasn’t scary enough, I was starting my freshman year not knowing anyone. I immediately got involved in volleyball, which has helped me make many friends.

When I arrived at school on the first day, I wanted to turn the car around and just go home. As I started walking into the school, many people were there to greet the incoming freshman, which made me feel a little less alone.

I had to ask for help to find every class, but everyone was more than happy to help me out.

I enjoyed every class that day, but journalism would have to be my favorite. I walked in, and suddenly felt welcome. Everyone was nice and seemed happy to meet the new freshmen.

The worst part of my day was probably waking up at 4:30 to make sure I wasn’t late to my first day of high school, yet I was still almost late.

I’m starting to get more involved with school activities. Volleyball being one of them. A week after school started, we had tryouts and it was very tough. But, I managed to make the team, which was a big accomplishment.

I look forward to being more involved, and meeting many more people on my journey at Pueblo West High School.

Ein Bauer:

My very first day of school was not the best. I keep getting lost and couldn’t find a single class by myself. I was so lost that for half of my classes, I was on the wrong floor.

I didn’t know many people as a lot of them were from other schools. My schedule was hard to learn for the first couple days but now. I have the schedule pretty much memorized by now.

Although a lot of people are in sports or various clubs I myself, am not. I did not think about doing any clubs until it was too late and everything I could have done had already started. My parents were disappointed that I couldn’t do anything so I decided that I would do Journalism as it is something I was always wanted to do. My schedule was set and I had needed to get supplies for my classes.

At the end of the day, I had walked to the doors and had waited twenty minutes for my dad to pick me up. After finally getting home I had realized how tiring my first day was.

Tyler Phillips:

Freshman year could be one of the most important years of high school.

My first day was very intimidating but I will never forget it, I remember just searching for the people that I knew the second I walked in the doors. When I finally found someone, I knew, it was a major relief to vent and talk to someone I knew in an ocean of new people.

I was both nervous but also excited to meet all the new people. I had trouble finding my first class but some friends aided in this struggle. I saw who was there and I was excited there was some people that I knew but also a mixture of new people to meet, this had me over all excited to meet and befriend these new people.

My main nerve was trying to find all of my hours, even though, yes, we went through them at orientation but those memories where long gone. I was most excited about meeting all the new people and meeting my teachers. The freedom is great I hope to pursue my goals through high school.

Emmalia Miller:

Since I am on the dance team, the first day was nerve-racking, but also calm.

We started practices in the summer for dance team so I knew some upper classmen who would later help at the school. In the morning, on the very first day, I had to be at the school early to form a tunnel with the dance team and the cheerleaders for the freshman walking in.

At the assembly, I performed in front of the whole freshman class, and no one seemed too excited.

For the rest of the day, I wandered through the halls looking for a classroom after every hour, and somehow I managed to find the room every time and not be tardy. The school is very big, so there are many opportunities to get lost. That was my biggest fear before starting; getting lost. Something else I wasn’t very excited about were the crowded halls with several tall upperclassmen.

The thing I was most excited about was football games. Since I am on the dance team, I have to be on the field for the entire game and do sidelines, band jives, school song, and kick lines. The best part of the game for me would be performing at halftime. High school isn’t too bad so far after all!