Spring Golf Season 2018

The game of concentration, self independence, and determination is golf. Golf  undermined sport  but it is so much more than what meets the eye.

Coach Faith Clason, like all coaches, is determined to bring her team to the state, win SCL, and receive first place. She is also a lunch lady at Pueblo West all year. Clason prefers to not keep track of her wins and losses, she only wants to focus on  SCL and state. Golf is sport unlike football or baseball golf athletes self independence and confidence. From the start of the school year, the community focuses on the football, basketball, soccer, and baseball teams at West. Other sports, such as track, softball, gymnastics, and golf get overlooked. 

Other sports require a multi-person team comprised of students. The coach agrees that golf is an individual sport and the team is there to help each other. A golf team is like all other teams, it creates a bond between the athletes. Clason says, “I think that there is a bond, the team does bond well and they help each other it has always been that way. It (the bond) helps because in golf to me there is no grade level difference, it is all skill level. In my years, the upperclassmen do help the lower classmen.” Clason wants all athletes who fear that their skill is very low in the sport, should try anyway because there is no harm and you don’t know if you have that skill until you try.

Some interesting facts about Faith Clason are next to golf, baseball is her favorite sport, even though she played basketball, golfed and swam throughout her life. Her favorite golf movie is “The Legend of Bagger Vance”. Clason has been a coach for Pueblo West since 2006, head coach for the last two years, and coaches both the fall and the spring golf season. She wants her players to endure community service this spring. She is looking into the TLC, the Tender Love and Care program, because she personally loved it and it is rewarding. She motivates her players by being “very straightforward and direct encouragement” and by sharing “what I’ve been through, from a player and coach, and pass it on motivation constant.”

 This year’s season will start February 19, 2018 and will end on graduation day or senior night; the season lasts for about 3 months. The practices are held at Desert Hawk Golf Course in Pueblo West. The coaches have not set a maximum number of players as of this point but they want to keep around thirteen to fourteen girls. The tryouts will consist of playing at least nine holes of golf at Desert Hawk, the date is to be determined.

Tournament wise, twelve are scheduled for SCL and regional leading up to state. The coaches hope to have a few tournaments up north, near Colorado Springs, Clason says, “The girls up north are just girls there is no need to fear them.” For SCL  tournaments, Coach Clason takes five girls and places four; while, The other coach stays down at Desert Hawk with the remaining girls and works on their game. For those music lovers, Coach will allow music during practice but ONLY on the putting green. When it’s tournament time, music is allowed but she requires that you have a wide time frame to concentrate and get in the right mind frame.


Clason has high hopes this year for her Spring 2018 team. She is directing her main focus towards the team’s competitiveness, learning constantly, doing their best (along with winning), the mental side of golf, and, above all else, have her girls set athletic goals for themselves that can be achievable by the end of the season. Next to those goals, Clason strives to teach the team about life in general, set their mind on something, complete the task they acquire, do tasks they want to do individually and not have another person make them do what they are doing. 

Clason communicates openly with parents and athletes and will gladly introduce herself to new parents formally. To Clason, golf is her release in life, she says, “I think it’s been a release, golf is release point for me. It doesn’t matter how old you are or long you’ve been playing there’s always something to contribute.”

The CyChron wishes the Spring 2018 Girl’s Golf team a successful year! Good luck!