Spring Sports Meeting

The annual meeting for all 2018 Spring Sports will be held next Monday, on February 19, at 6 pm.This is mandatory for all athletes, and their parents, planning to go out for a spring sport. 

This meeting allows each sport to inform athletes and parents of everything that the athletes need for the upcoming season. If neither the parent or athlete can attend the meeting, contact needs to be made with the coach to get any paperwork that is necessary to join the team.

All athletes, no matter the sport, need an updated physical. If athletes have already played a sport this year, they most likely have an up-to-date physical. The physical from the previous year will not work because it will expire. This is required before they can be allowed to practice.

The sports that will be at the meeting are: Boys Volleyball, Baseball, Girls Golf, Track & Field, Girls Lacrosse, Boys Lacrosse, Girls Tennis, Girls Soccer