Girls 2018 Soccer

It’s that time of the year again! The weather is playing a game of hot and cold and it is the start of the girls’ 2018 soccer season.

Tim Decker, the girls’ varsity head coach, has added a new member to the soccer family this season, Danelle Dondelinger. She is currently a senior at CUSP, and has come to help push the girls to be their best.

On top of this addition, Maddison Newbauer, a PWHS senior, has also joined the team, and has successfully made varsity only two years after her introduction to soccer, just as Ashlynn Young, a sophomore, has.

The team has made both gains and losses this season, from losing around twelve seniors, to gaining multiple skills from the whole team.

Bryn Decker, senior captain, agrees and said, “This season we definitely just seem more focused. More seriousness and more drive to want to win and want to do well, and even deep down want to win SCL. This is the first high school team that I’ve played on at Pueblo West that knows we are good, and knows the things we can accomplish.”

Both the Varsity and JV teams are full of extraordinary talent and sportsmanship this year, and are working their way up to play offs.

The varsity team was recently sent spiraling with enthusiasm on the night of March 15, 2018, for they took the win against South.

This is the first year since 2012 that our girls PWHS soccer team has beat South the first game playing them of the season. This was a huge victory for the girls, as it was a 2-1 lead, and is definitely going down in PWHS history.

When asked about how the win over South will affect the team for the rest of the season, Lydia Fair, junior captain, replied, “I think winning against south gave the team confidence that we didn’t have before. It’s been years since Pueblo West won the first ‘south vs west’ game, so it proved that we have ability this season. The fact that we dominated in possession as well, proves that all we need is confidence and we can win anything. I really think that was the page turner for our team.”

The girls are now ready to repeat this win over the course of the season and are prepared to fight all the way. So, go support the girls PWHS varsity and JV team, both schedules are located on the PWHS athletics page.