Editorial- The “March for Our Lives”: The first step in a revolution

March for Our Lives is a movement, led by students, that advocates for stricter gun control laws. The campaign made their debut on March 24 in Washington D.C., also inspired conventions around the country, and even the world. Many students from the recent shooting in Parkland, Florida spoke about their experiences; there were more brave speakers that discussed the gun violence happening in their own city.

Students leading this campaign were fed up with waiting for someone to address the firearm brutality and fear they go to class with everyday. In their mission statement, on their website, They explain that politicians advise that in light of recent shootings, now is not the time to talk about guns; the students disagree. They claim that student safety is not a political issue and they have no intention of making it one.

The March for Our Lives movement, that brought the nation together, is just the beginning of a revolution, sparked unfortunately by terrible events that have already made their mark in 21st century American history. In the future, it is dubious that a generation that has already left such a prominent impact will just stop after one national event. The movement marks the first step in an uprising that will consist of standing up to the administration and leaving a booming echo that will ripple down through future generations and ignite a fire in them to also make their voice heard.

The positives of this movement include showing Congress and the President that citizens have a passionate voice, and have no fear to share it. This is another instance where the country has come together over one issue or opinion, which shows the unity within the United States borders; the people that joined in this movement ignored their differences to support a vital issue.

A possible negative outcome of this movement is the survivors speeches and the ideas presented in them are now vulnerable to the harsh cross-examination and ridicule from the opposition. The ones that disagree with the cry for reformed firearm laws, now have the opportunity to rebuttal and pick apart the speeches made by the courageous survivors of gun violence.

One effect that will hopefully come out of this protest is that other teenagers and young adults will be inspired to make their voices heard. This movement has shown that age doesn’t define the impact that can be made on the world or mute the deafening voice young people possess.

The March for Our Lives movement highlights many admirable qualities about the current generations of teenagers of young adults. It shows that they are not scared of the “big man”. They make their voice heard and are passionate about the relevant issues that they feel need addressed. It has become clear that they don’t let the discouragement of their elders be the barrier halting them from standing up for what they believe in.