A Tale Tells All – Cyclones vs Niwot

On Wednesday night, the Cyclones fought their final battle against Niwot. The match took place on the Cyclones’ home field, making it possible for West to boast its school spirit.

This game entailed a full cheerleading squad and pumped up fans. Each individual in the stands was on edge, their hearts racing at every touch on the ball. As the Cyclones’ rushed the opposing team’s side, the fans would stand up, almost reenacting the plays themselves. As for Niwot’s advances on the Cyclones’ side, the few supporters of Niwot would whoop and holler, fist pumping as the Cyclone fans wailed about, wanting to pick the ball up with their fingers and move it away from their goal.

The two teams clashed until Niwot scored off of a reflection from Steven Cline. A shot had been made on goal, which was saved by goalie, Cline, but the ball was led in front of the goal, offering the perfect chance for Niwot to score.

For the rest of the game, the Cyclones held their positions, offering Niwot a difficult match. Throughout the game, either side construed intricate and score-worthy plays, never slowing down. The high paced game left either side worthy of the win, but Niwot was able to surmount in victory through its goal in the beginning of the game.

The Cyclones, facing their final game for the season together, reminisced in the games they shared. Two foreign exchange students, Robat (Robert) Bernshausen and Benjamin Nielson, recount their experiences on the team.

When asked about their experience while being on the team, Nielson relayed, “The team had really good team spirit. That was one of the first things I noticed when I came to the team. Everyone was welcoming and open. There weren’t any of the varsity players that didn’t like each other or anything like that, and we always kept working for each other.”

Bernshausen stated, “It was a great time. I went to the tryouts three days after I arrived in Colorado and directly made friends.” When further asked about what he learned or grew from on the team, Robert went on to say, “I learned about the team spirit and about the pride you have when you fight with and for your team. It improved my teamwork but also made me put the goals of the team over my own.”

As for Nielson, when asked about his feelings over the past game, he stated, “Yeah, I feel terrible after the game Wednesday. I think everyone expected more than going out in the first round, so I felt like crap the whole day after in school. I was embarrassed that we lost in front of all those people and we didn’t go farther than we did. The team had the potential to go a lot farther than we did.”

Although the Cyclones did not advance as far as they hoped to, they were able to bring about a memorable season that not only left a mark on their opponents, but on the team itself. No bond on a team is greater than those formed between the players.