Homecoming 2018

This past Saturday on the 6th of October, PWHS students jammed out at homecoming. Over 700 tickets were sold this year. The dance was funded and created entirely by student council. They have been working hard planning and organizing the dance since the middle of August.

If you looked out onto the dance floor, you would have found many students singing and dancing to their favorite songs. Some thought the playlist this year was lacking compared to previous years. Kariosly Sanchez, a senior, said, “I thought the music was better last year.” The playlist is composed of recommendations by students.

Sarah Esparza was crowned as the 2018 Homecoming Queen. The court was composed of all seniors. The other members were Tanara Morrell, Maya Bush, Marie Moore, Ashley Laub, and Emma Schwartze.

If you couldn’t tell by the yellow brick road leading into the dance, this year’s theme was “There’s No Place Like Homecoming”. Many students said they quite liked the theme. Student Council completely transformed the cafeteria that students see almost every day. When they walked in, students knew they weren’t in Kansas anymore.

Homecoming is most freshman’s first dance they attend. Breanna Apodaca said that she had a blast at this year’s dance. “t thought it was a good experience for my first homecoming,” Apodaca explained. Her favorite part of the whole experience was the process of getting ready and taking pictures. There were a lot of different types of people enjoying themselves. Overall, this dance was a great first impression on the class of 2022.

This year’s homecoming dance gave the student body a night of whimsical fun. Everyone clicked their heels on the dance floor and realized that there truly is no place like homecoming.