The Lure of Victory: SCL Soccer Championships

Last Tuesday, the Cyclones faced off the Centennial Bulldogs in a fight for the SCL Championships. The two teams fought for glory, prevailing even in the most grueling conditions. With these factors put in place, the Cyclones and Bulldogs ended the game, with a 1-1 tie.

The bitter cold and night sky set a bleak and restless attitude over the Cyclones and their opponents. This game would determine the final bracket for the soccer teams as well as who will make it to the playoffs. Placing high, the Cyclones and Bulldogs were going to move on no matter what, but even then, this game was very important because a strong rivalry exists between these two schools.

Within the first fifteen minutes of the game, Mark Ritz scored an air-piercing goal that flew from the edge of the twenty-yard line all the way passed the outstretched hands of the Bulldog’s goalie, setting the score as 1-0, Cyclones.

Throughout the game, refs called seemingly erroneous fouls, leaving the players frazzled and perplexed. One call that was debated on either side over its legitimacy was the foul inside of the box by Steven Cline. The line ref stated that Steven Cline fouled the Bulldog’s player by scrambling over him to the ball, leaving the Bulldogs with a free shot on goal through a penalty kick. The Bulldogs sailed a clean shot into the back of the net, tying up with the Cyclones 1-1.

The rest of the game presented a cacophony of noise and shouts as either side debated the accuracy of some of the calls made by the refs. One thing is for sure, and that is the astonishment of the cheerleaders towards the spirited parents within the crowd, seeing as soccer is usually not viewed as a popular sport. On the Bulldogs’ side, parents and teammates clapped while screaming “Let’s go Bulldogs,” while the Cyclones’ fans performed thunder feet and screamed a battle cry.

Although neither team received the results they anticipated, both are able to move on into the playoffs. On Wednesday, the Cyclones will be seen matching off with Niwot at 4 P.M. on Pueblo West’s home field. As for the Bulldogs, they will be going against Montrose at Dutch Clark at 5 P.M. Both teams need all of the support that they can get, so come stand behind your school’s team and push them to victory.