The “Music Man”

The “Music Man” is a musical of wonders and excitement, being performed by our Pueblo West Cyclones. They’ve worked extremely hard on the musical. It will be held here at Pueblo West High School, the 6th, 7th and 8th of November at 7 p.m. There will also be a preview in 7th hour from 2 to 3:25 for students that would like to go.

“The Music Man” is about a man that comes to the town and tries to start up a band. But the man has no idea what he’s doing he’s a con man that travels from town to town. Only this time he has a little bit of a bump in the road the librarian without her approval no one in the town will associate  with him.  So he does the only logical thing in his head…court her for her approval.

Brevin Mizell, a sophomore who plays “Mayor shin” in the play, went on to explain how his character feels about the man and how he thinks he’s corrupt. He describes, “I kinda act as in a way the villain of the story, because it’s kind a flip flopped the villain role in a way. I’m trying to protect my city from this sales man, who comes in and is trying to poison it, my character believes.” Mizell also tells me how the mayor and his daughter are having issues and he’s trying to protect her.  From hearing what Mizell had to say it seems this mayor is quiet the character.

In an earlier interview with Mrs. Kinnischtzke, the choir director, said,”Drama is helping, wood shop is helping, and band is helping. The kids are working really hard to put on a good show. “This musical ‘The Music Man’ seems to really be bringing together these creative mines and will be a sight to see!” 

Hope to see everyone there for the show!