Cyclone Soccer Defeats Pueblo South: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Blood. Sweat. Tears.

Last Thursday, the Varsity Boys’ Soccer Team led a fierce and captivating battle against the South’s Varsity Team, surmounting with a 4-1 win.

To start the match off, senior, Austin Shaw led the ball into the back of the opposing team’s net, molding the score into a 1-0 lead. This first goal sent the Cyclones into a frenzied thirst for the win, attacking the opposing team’s side with strength and resiliency. Shaw, a forward, when describing his thoughts over his goal, stated, “… Really nothing was going through my head to begin with. I just kinda saw the ball, and I shot it, … once it came off of my foot, it went in, so that was pretty nice.”

The game then pursued a more hurried and strategic playing style, with the Cyclones construing intricate passes, as well as getting back and pressuring the South players when reinforcements were brought forth against the Cyclones. Garret Lerch described South’s pressure as, “not too bad.” Lerch also went on to say, “They did put up a good fight. They did some good passing, good pressure, but overall, it wasn’t too bad.”

The Cyclones prevailed in their fight for glory, bulldozing the opposing team whenever South stumbled into their den. Hunter Nettles can give an account for this playing style, after propelling insanely long throw-ins onto the field and crossing a pass from the 36-yard-line all the way to the goal line for an attempted shot on goal for the Cyclones.

Before the match, the Cyclone boys marched to the field, resembling troops headed to battle, and they depicted a crisp and focused mindset. The Cyclones bestowed interminable tenacity, relentlessly pressuring the ball and trudging for South’s goal.

Nettles gave insight to his team’s humble advantage against the opposing forces by asserting, “The advantage is just that our team is a family. We all play for each other and don’t care who scores or who gets the assist. We all just want to get the win for each other and make each other better.”

Nevertheless, the Cyclones kicked up a heart-felt game, leaving the crowd in a cacophony of chants and cheers as the game rolled on

Persistence and patience flowed tremendously from the Pueblo West boys, concocting a ferocious game of battleship against South. Soon into the game, the Cyclones struck the perfect piece and made the plays to triumph. With their confidence up high, Cyclones’ Xavier Hatch volleyed a flawless assist by Gavin Graham into the back, right corner of the goal, sailing passed the outstretched hands of the goalie from the five yard-line.

Later on, Keishaun Gylling absorbed the confidence of the Cyclones around him, dribbling the ball up the center of the field and nailing it into the back net, leading the Cyclones into a 3-0 lead.

In spite of his previous triumph earlier in the game, Shaw captured another glimpse at the goal after dribbling the ball perpendicular to the center of the field and nailing it into the back of the net.

However, in the midst of the Cyclone’s uprising, the opposing team was able to sneak passed the Cyclone’s defense and pass the ball into the goal with only one-minute left in the game, catching everyone off guard. This gut-wrenching moment left the crowd frazzled and the Pueblo West boys shaken.

Besides the heart-shattering goal at the end of the game, the Cyclones’ perseverance allowed the team to win in commanding fashion, 4-1.