Halloween: Spooktacular Holiday or Horrifying Nuisance? (Editorial)

Pretty much as soon as the calendars turn to October, the Halloween season begins. For some, it’s a night full of fun, costumes, and candy. For others, Halloween is just a night of ringing doorbells and supplying the neighborhood kids with even more sugar. In my opinion, I think your opinion of Halloween changes as you age.

For most kids, Halloween is the best time of year. What kid doesn’t love free candy? Personally, I used to love dressing up when I was younger and go trick or treating with all my friends. Even though I enjoyed the holiday as a child, I had some pretty traumatic Halloween experiences. After watching Hocus Pocus for the first time I couldn’t sleep for days. One of my first times trick-or-treating I was terrorized by a neighbor and in result, ran all the way back home.

It seems that as soon as kids reach middle school, enjoying Halloween officially becomes uncool. You still celebrate it, but on a much smaller scale. It’s pretty much the same as Halloween in elementary school, except you’ll be sent home if you show up dressed like a pirate.

Once I reached my high school years, however, it’s almost as if I didn’t have the time to enjoy Halloween. As I got older, I enjoyed the time before Halloween more than the actual day. I love watching horror movies and walking through haunted houses. The adults, I know hate Halloween solely because of the hassle that comes along with it, decorations and passing out candy, which consume most of Halloween night.

No matter the age, someone can always find joy in this spooky season. All Hallow’s Eve will forever be a favorite of many.