Thanksgiving Break 2018

With Thanksgiving break right around the corner, many students are making plans for the turkey filled holiday, while some just can’t wait to finally get a well deserved break from school.

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest times for traveling all year. Many families take advantage of this break to visit family and loved ones.

A lot of the students are excited for the time off. Travis Persons says, “We’re going to Grand Junction and also some skiing. We’re having family over on Thanksgiving as well!” Many students like Persons enjoy the break from the same school routine. He also says, “I get to sleep in and don’t have to wake up early for school.”

Marissa Awmiller states, “For break I’m going to the Broadmoor. I’m glad we have a break from school. I love getting together with my family, and getting good food. I’m really grateful for my family.”

Some students aren’t as excited about the upcoming holiday. Gabriella Louther says, “I’m going to play basketball over the break. I just stay home in Pueblo. I think the holiday is kind of pointless. The best part is getting a break from school.”

Be sure to have fun with your family this break. Happy Thanksgiving!