The Stress of College

As the end of the first semester of the 2018 and 2019 school year quickly approaches, many seniors are stressed about the idea of college. Many students are worried about passing their final exams and getting into a decent college.

After spending the past four years at Pueblo West High School, some students are sad to leave. Diana Suarez Manriquez says, “I’m very upset that this is my last year of high school because I’m going to leave behind good teachers and friends. I want to go to a college that is a good distance from my family, but not too far that I can’t drive to visit them during the holidays.”

Most students encounter stress due to school on a daily basis. What comes after high school, however, can be much more stress inducing. Students have to worry about what college they want to attend, as well as being accepted by that college.

Gabriella Garbiso says, “I’ve been super stressed about graduating. I know I’ll pass but failing a class I need is a huge fear of mine.”

College is something that many students are looking forward to experience. Kimberly Vecellio says, “I’m kinda stressed about it, but I’m looking forward to it.”

Even though the preparation for college can cause quite a bit of stress, the class of 2019 is soon going to start the beginning of the rest of their lives.