Sweat and Glory: Girls’ Basketball Check-In

It’s that time of year again. Girls’ basketball has raided the court, leading into what the Cyclones hope to be another successful season.


The Pueblo West Girls’ are aiming for the gold by dedicating their free time towards excelling on the court and preparing for whatever comes their way. Shae Gallery and Maya Sanchez, both Juniors, looked back on just what that preparation included, with Gallery recounting, “We play over the summer in Denver tournaments, and the fall league prepares us for the season.” When watching on the sidelines, any observer can see the hard work and dedication that these girls put into their training, pushing themselves harder at each go down the court.


Practicing six out of the seven days of the week, the Cyclones’ are a “close-knit team,” always having each other’s backs. The bonds in this team go further back than Freshman year, with some of the players being on the same teams since Kindergarten or even Preschool. When looking back on the family that this team has become, Shae elaborated on just what she meant by “close-knit team,” remarking, “We are all best friends, so it’s like, if there’s drama, we fix it in an hour.” Sanchez built upon that idea, relaying, “Yeah, there are rarely any times that we don’t get along. We are very close.”


On the court, Sanchez and Gallery support their team with Gallery performing as a power-forward and Sanchez taking the roles of point-guard or shooting-guard. When asked if their positions are their favorites, Sanchez brings in an aspect a lot of us can relate to, muttering, “Usually my height just stumps me, so I’m stuck with point-guard position.”


One compelling game that is looming in the distance is the West vs South showdown. There is a definite rivalry assembling between the two teams, which can be seen from the simultaneous answer of “South” by Sanchez and Gallery when asked what game they are most excited for. Gallery noted how the rivalry is an old one, with all the tension building from the initial showdown in their freshmen season.


Come support your fellow Cyclones at home at  7 P.M. on Thursday.

She Gallery (left) and Maya Sanchez (right) posing in front of the camera after practice.