Advertising Information

Why advertise with us?

1. Your ad here serves a dual purpose. It advertises your product AND serves as excellent PR for your company which is seen as supporting the high school.

2. Your ad will be seen frequently by the 1450 people who comprise the students and staff and the extended Cyclone community as well as the extended Cyclone family of parents, graduates and other community members.

3. Targeted marketing– Virtually no other advertising source will get you such well-targeted, reliable access to the local high school market.

4. Reasonable rates– for only $200 you can purchase an ad that will consistently promote your product for the duration of the school year.

CyChron‘s advertising policy run as follows.

We “Circulate” to a student body of about 1350 students and a staff approaching 100, plus the wider community of parents, former students etc.

The decision to go to an online edition was in response to District 70’s 1:1 initiative which places laptops in the hands of EVERY student at the high school. Students also take these home with them on a nightly basis

4 types of advertisements are now available and will be featured on the main page (*ads will rotate if necessary to accommodate all advertisers).

sidebar 1 ($150/300)  This ad appears at the top of our sidebar and will never rotate with other ads. 200X200 pixels

Sidebar 2 ($100/300) These ads appear in our sidebar on all pages.  200X200 pixels

Banner 1 ($300/600)  This is our largest ad with the most noticeable placement.  Running across the middle of the page.  150X700 pixels.

Banner 2 ($200/$400) This ad is our second largest ad running across the bottom of the page. 100 X 700 pixels.

Placement of sidebar ads is on a first-come, first-served basis. Early purchasers will be placed higher on the page. Those who continually renew their ad or who purchase the ad for the semester or year will retain their slot. When ads expire, advertisers will be moved back to the bottom of the priority list.

All ads are 72 dpi. Ads can contain links to websites provided the content is acceptable to CyChron editors and the adviser. CyChron will host either a basic web page or pdf file for advertisers who purchase a full year.  Ad design, simple, single web page production, or pdf creation are all free for advertisers who purchase a year long ad.  Such services are otherwise available for $10 and up depending on complexity.

If you are interested in placing an ad on CyChron, please utilize the form below.