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  • Pueblo West High School Gets A New Teacher

    Pueblo West High School recently got a new staff member named Chris Slobodnik. Slobodnik is 35 and teaches U.S. History, World History, and Government History. Not only is Slobodnik a teacher, but he is also a football coach for Pueblo West High.

    Slobodnik taught at the Tech Academy for twelve years prior to Pueblo West High.  He says, “I enjoyed working at the Tech Academy and there was nothing that I disliked about it, but I was just ready for a change.”

    Slobodnik’s rules for his class are to pay attention and to follow directions. He said “My favorite thing about teaching is interacting with the students and building good relationships with them.” He believes that the hardest part of teaching is to give each individual student enough time and help.

    Slobodnik has been coaching football for 15 years. He has coached football and basketball at Pleasant View Middle School and basketball at Roncalli Middle School and is now coaching for Pueblo West High School. “I think the best part about being a coach is winning!” exclaimed Slobodnik.

    “What I have noticed about Pueblo West High School compared to other schools is that there is a lot of emphasis in the technology and engineering, but the kids are basically the same from other schools I have been to,” added Slobodnik. Slobodnik loves Pueblo West High School and thinks that the students and staff are great.

    Slobodnik is married and does not have any kids but would like to have some eventually. He has lived in Pueblo for all of his life and his hobbies are playing sports and fishing. Slobodnik’s goals include become a school principal, being a good husband and father, and to be an overall good person.

  • Suspicious Facebook requests circulating through PWHS

    In the past two weeks, many Pueblo West High students have been receiving friend requests from Allison Hartnett, Luke McCall, Sophie Hartnett, Kate Crawford and Jake Crawford. While it is not certain who is behind these Facebook pages, it has been speculated that these are false accounts.

    Luke McCall’s birthday is listed as May 25, 1990. That leaves him at twenty years old and with a degree from Yale University. Furthermore, every person’s high school is listed as Yale High School and each of them happen to have degrees from Yale. While this could be a possibility, the chances of legitimacy are slim.

    They all claim to work at “Mark Hartnett’s Office.” His law firm does in fact exist but it does seem to be a coincidence that all five of these people work there.

    Luke and Allison Hartnett got married two weeks ago on October 31, 2011 which is near the time students began to receive these requests and profile pictures from each of the accounts were posted within one week of the account’s existence. Also, most of their “likes” are the same. Some of these include Two and a Half Men, Pirates of the Caribbean, Twilight, and other vampire-related shows.

    The most suspicious thing remains that most of their friends are students at Pueblo West High School along with the fact that they all take up residency in Los Angeles. Also, they are all somehow related.

    The CyChron will be conducting research about these suspicious Facebook accounts and will be updating as more information is revealed. Email saraknuth@pwhnews.net or krothrock@pwhnews.net if you find anything else you would like us to uncover.

  • Technical difficulties mar broadcast debut

    CyChron staff members expressed disappointment when they realized that their late night production schedule would be unable to overcome numerous technical obstacles.


    “This is not how I thought it would turn out,” said a disappointed Kylie Milusnic hours after the game when it became that a week’s worth of planning and a day of preparation was going to end in disappointment.


    “I’m proud of the work the staff did.  They certainly deserved a better outcome,” said adviser Burnham Whittington.  “They are a strong, resilient bunch and I am sure they will put today’s tough lessons to good use and come back even stronger.”


    Kate Rothrock agreed with her adviser and expressed hope that they would be able to edit the broadcast and put it up “the way we wanted it to be” even if it took a few extra days.


    While the outcome remains to be seen, there was unanimous agreement that, though the day ended on a tough note, the lessons learned would be put to good use in the near future.

  • Sync Now or Lose Your Files

    It’s 11:30 the day before the biggest English essay of the year is due. You type the last period, adjust the font size and spell check your paper and read it one last time. Feeling accomplished you go grab a snack  when you come back, a horrific scene is displayed on your computer screen. It’s blue with white numbers and letters all over it. You desperately try to get back to your paper but before you can do anything your computer restarts, and when it does, an endless cycle of starting up and shutting down commences and this never allows you to retrieve that precious essay you spent hours writing at the last minute. The E.R. doesn’t offer much help except they tell you that you might get lucky and be given a temp to use. Your paper is gone forever and your grade will soon follow.

    Has that ever happened to you? When your computer crashes or blue screens all that hard work you’ve done is just gone. I’ve come across a solution to this problem that actually works quite well for many things. Dropbox.com offers 2 gigabytes worth of online storage for free to anyone. All you have to do is create an account.

    They also have a free application for Windows, Mac, and smart phones that allows you to automatically sync files between computers and to the web. Here’s how you can save yourself from academic disaster: download the application from Dropbox.com, run the set up, which will install the application as well as walk you through setting up your account, then  save your document in the dropbox folder and  it will automatically sync to your online storage account.

    Let’s get into more detail about how to set this up and how it works.

    Step 1: Download the application

    Go to Dropbox.com then click the button that says Download Dropbox

    (Click to Enlarge)

    Step 2: Run the install/Create your account

    Double click the file you have downloaded to start the install. In the window that comes up, click install. The installer will install Dropbox to your computer. It will then ask if you have an existing account or if you want to create a new one. Choose create a new one. Fill out the form on the next page and give you computer a name that you can identify it easily by (e.g. school computer).

    Step 3: Setup

    Next choose the 2GB free account and typical set up from the next two windows that will come up. It will start a short tutorial that you will need to click through. I recommend reading through the tutorial if it’s your first time. After that, you are all finished. You should now have a neat little blue box in your taskbar and a new folder called Dropbox in your folder panel.

    Whatever you click and drag or save into this folder will automatically be synced to Dropbox.com and any other computer or device connected to your Dropbox and will be safe from the threat of crashing computers.

    Questions/problems about how this works? Please leave a comment or send me an email and I’ll try and solve your problem.