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  • West Brings Home The Bacon

    Many a complaint was heard about the new location of this year’s Pigskin Classic. Some said that it was going against tradition, others even went as far as to say that it would give the Cyclones bad luck. This year’s team proved all of those skeptics wrong.

    The beautiful facility at CSU-P fit the crowd comfortably and the lighting was spectacular. All the better to watch the home team dominate their rivals. The final score of 28-0 proved just how effective P-Dub was defensively. Thanks to the scrappy defense played by the Cyclones the Hornets didn’t even get a first down in the first quarter, let alone a number on the scoreboard. Throughout the entire evening the Hornets running game was completely shut down by the stifling defense of West, especially by those manning the line. Continue reading  Post ID 33

  • Cyclone Football on Their qWest to be the Best

    Five o’clock a.m., when it is cold outside and the sky is still black. When the average Pueblo West student is at home dreaming about facebook blogs and algebra tests, the football team is out sprinting, hitting, sweating, and working hard towards their next state title. At Pueblo West High School they are very serious about their football. Pueblo West has one of the toughest schedules in the state, and looks forward to the challenge. If the boys are able to persevere and work to get better each week, they have a chance to do something special. Continue reading  Post ID 33