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  • CyChron’s Countdown to Christmas Break: Day 3

    In the early hours of dawn, when the snow had settled and creatures of all kinds slept peacefully in their dens, I made my way down the winter trail to collect firewood. It was a peaceful moment seemingly frozen in time; no sound traveled through the crisp morning air. I made my way to the tallest tree I could find and began chopping it down with earnest. I could not enjoy the moment forever for I knew Martha would be expecting me home by sunrise.

    It was then, as I neared halfway complete with my task, that I heard it. A soft rustle, barely audible but no less real. I put down my axe and looked around for the source of the sound. About twenty paces off to my right stood a creature of pure majesty. Head bowed, ears perked, it took in the silence of the morning and the scent of the forest. Never in my life had I been moved the way this creature moved me. Its brown fur seemed to glow in the early morning light. Large hooves carried it silently through the snow as it glided away from me.

    I do not know how long I stood there, absorbing the beauty of the creature I had encountered. Its appearance was so brief that it seemed like a dream in the motionless forest. At long last I came to my senses and returned to my task. I felled the tree and gathered my firewood. I took one last look around me, hoping to see once more with my eyes what would never leave my mind. Then I turned and made my way up the winter trail.

  • CyChron’s Countdown to Christmas Break: Day 2

    I can weigh more than the tallest mountain, but only when I am not alone.

    I can be fluffy and light, but hard to shape.

    I can be the building blocks of icy forts and frigid projectiles.

    I can create slick roads and covered pathways.

    I can bury a driveway; a shovel you’ll need to clear me away.

    I can create massive mounds for sledding, skiing, or snowboarding.

    I can cancel your classes and grant a day of rest.

    What am I?

  • CyChron’s Countdown to Christmas Break: Day 1


    This item can be used for many things
    Weight, glue, an ornament
    Decoration, food, and even weaponry

    Because if you want to get strong
    Then lift a few of these
    And by a few, I mean a few million
    I suggest eight trash bags full
    But anything will do, maybe sixteen

    Or if you want the weight, just not in muscle
    Then eat a few of these
    And by a few, I mean a few million
    They make an excellent all-day-through snack
    Not so excellent in nutrition

    When you eat it, though, beware
    Rumor has it that it sticks like sap
    And trust me, that stickiness gets everywhere.
    But that is perfect because glue is expensive
    This item is not, so you do not have to waste a trip

    This item is pretty, too, to say the least
    With all of its different sizes and colors
    It would look perfect on your Christmas tree,
    In your yard or hanging from a ceiling
    It would be cute, too, if it was on a shirt… it probably is somewhere

    Mom tells me to love my brother and to never hit
    So the best part about this item, I must admit
    It is easy to aim across a room
    And it is solid enough to leave a mark.
    Brother stops taunting with these around

    This item alone drives me insane
    But a box of them is always better
    I am always drooling for one of these, a _____ ____.