About the CyChron

The CyChron Staff



The advisor of the journalism class operates in conjunction with student staff members to aid in production, professionalism, and image of the CyChron as a whole. He is also the sole person on the staff with the ability to give grades, assign official full class projects, and instruct the initial learning of the Journalism One class. 

Burnham Whittington

Tier Three – 

Tier Three students are considered (per the class structure revision of 2017) our staff leaders that work most closely with the advisor. This Tier makes up the heads of the CyChron’s three media branches; the broadcast, the newscast, and the newspaper, as well as vital organizational roles. These students also make up our chief advisors on the editorial board. 

Executive Broadcast Producer(s)-

Nolan Simmons and Bryston McArthur

Executive Newscast Producer-

Emily Leibnow

Editor In Chief-

Isabell Osborne

Human Resources Director-

Shanae Lontine


Ranked Tier Two-

Ranked (or named) Tier Two students are defined as students who work with the Tier Three leaders to aid in smaller and more selective aspects of the CyChron. These students are in charge of smaller branches of media and can be described as our specialized work-force. 

Photo Editor-

Dylan Noga

Tech Director-

Jade Jeffery

NewsCast Producers-

Jake Pacheco, Frankie Nash, MiKayla Pacheco, Trevor Pearsons.

Assistant Editors-

Connor Whittington, Zack Quitek, Darby Hodge

Broadcast Producers (Fall Sports)- 

Volleyball- Camille Goodwin

Football- Mikayla Thomas

Soccer- Rocky Puffer

Journalism One-

Journalism One students are first year students learning the ropes of Journalism. Topics including;The Code of Ethics, the seven news values, as well as evaluating current events and local news, are taught by the advisor during this year. Although Journalism One students are enrolled in this tier (tier one) for a full year, students are capable of moving into journalism two roles based on recommendation and merit. 

Editorial Board- 

The Editorial Board is a selected board of students that are granted the right (per the CyChron constitution) to handle situations necessary of board discussion such as; articles needing an evaluation of ethical publication, articles questioned by advisors or administrative personnel, as well as editorial articles expressing the opinions of the whole board. The Board is made up of every Tier Three student as well as the Assistant Editors and an elected representative at large to represent the remaining body of the CyChron staff.