• South Game Proves New Rival Speculations to be True

    Any speculations that have recently been made about the Pueblo West Cyclones having a new rival team were proven one hundred percent right, after the disappointing game at Dutch Clark Stadium on Friday night. Although very exciting, it was truly a “wacky” game! After the Colts made a touchdown in the first 20 seconds of the game, and another following quickly after, the Cyclones made it a point that they were going to work hard and rise to the challenge. Pueblo West dominated the game in the 2nd, 3rd, and the beginning of the 4th quarters. Continue reading  Post ID 47

  • Round Four Knockout

    The word is spreading throughout all of Pueblo; there is a new rivalry in town. No longer is it Pueblo West and Pueblo County, or Pueblo East and Pueblo South. The new and best rivalry in town is now Pueblo West and Pueblo South. There is no doubt that these two teams are not only the best in the town but the past matchups have been legendary. In 2007, many of us witnessed Cyclones beat the Colts for the first time at any level of football in the quarterfinals of the state playoffs. This was a game that showed how far Pueblo West had came, and also just a stepping stone on the way to a state championship game that I’m sure no senior will ever forget. Continue reading  Post ID 47

  • Shorting Out Laptops Makes For Even Shorter Patience

    Everyone knows it. Everyone knows how to do it. And whether someone knows how to do it or not, once they learn, it becomes an addiction.

    Sticking a paper clip, bobby pin, or even a gum wrapper into the USB drive in the back of any laptop, will turn it off by shorting it out, quickly leaving that person with a turned off computer, and a laptop that’s been shorted out.

    Now while someone does this, they may think nothing will happen. It just turns it off. When actually, shorting out a computer can damage its battery life, and the memory of the computer. When using the laptop, it gets hot. Sticking a paper clip, bobby pin, or even a gum wrapper in to the USB drive can start a fire. Continue reading  Post ID 47

  • Traditions Take Time

    I have been to four Pigskin Classics and two Bell Games. All as a Cyclone. I attended the 107th Bell Game and this year’s 110th. This year I noticed something different about the two different traditions: Pueblo West, while younger, does it better.

    I was not thinking this going into the second quarter as I sat on Centennial’s side in the student section. Getting ready for the game had been all about the “Bell Bash” and a train of decked out bulldog cars following the team bus to Dutch Clark Stadium.  At the game all of the students knew the cheers and never stopped repeating them. Continue reading  Post ID 47

  • Destination: Pikes Peak

    “There is nothing to do around here”…. That statement is heard at least twice a day in the small town of Pueblo West. Many would think Pueblo is monotony, and strive for some sort of exhilaration. Although some inhabitants lay around thinking about how boring the beautiful state of Colorado is, the truth is, living in Colorado provides endless opportunities of things to do and countless places to go. Every issue the CyChron will provide an article about a place to see in Colorado to cure the boredom that seems to be overtaking so many.

    Pikes Peak, named after General Zebulon Pike, is first up on our record of astonishing places to see in Colorado. From Pueblo West it takes around 2 hours and 42 minutes to get there (68 miles) and two hours to get up the 38 mile mountain. It is well worth it to see the monstrous 14,110 foot mountain. This picturesque scene is elevated over glazed rocks and diminutive tree tops, sprinkled over with fresh white snow.

    If driving is not an option, they offer other ways to get up the mountain such as hiking, walking, biking, and by train. People can hike, walk or bike the Barr Trail. Continue reading  Post ID 47