• New Busing Has Smooth Transition

    District 70 has a new system of busing for the 2010- 2011 school year. The district sold all of its buses to a company that is now taking care of all the busing in District 70. The new buses now say “First Student” instead of the traditional District 70 title.  This is because the district has hired a private company called First Student out of Colorado Springs to help eliminate the busing costs that it faced before the switch was made. The recent budget cuts caused District 70 to change various parts of the budget including busing. The district has had to cut funding and while some changes have been more drastic, busing has been fairly simple. While the buses are different, the drivers are the same. They are still employed by District 70 and know the routes. Continue reading  Post ID 26

  • Students Assemble For Monday Morning Devotionals

    Faith is a major part of student’s lives at Pueblo West High School. This year, a small group of students are meeting for Monday Morning Devotionals. While PWHS has always had groups like FCA, Monday Morning Devotionals are brand new to the school year.

    Monday Morning Devotionals are student lead and each week a student reads a passage of scripture and then creates a 20-25 minute devotional to which the group discusses. Continue reading  Post ID 26

  • Cyclone Football on Their qWest to be the Best

    Five o’clock a.m., when it is cold outside and the sky is still black. When the average Pueblo West student is at home dreaming about facebook blogs and algebra tests, the football team is out sprinting, hitting, sweating, and working hard towards their next state title. At Pueblo West High School they are very serious about their football. Pueblo West has one of the toughest schedules in the state, and looks forward to the challenge. If the boys are able to persevere and work to get better each week, they have a chance to do something special. Continue reading  Post ID 26

  • New Week Results Remain Unclear

    The four day school week started on August 16, when the first freshmen walked through Pueblo West High’s doors. It all started back in 2009 with a simple suggestion that would later result in the four day week and much controversy. Parents and their kids have been told that this new week will make it easier for students, especially student athletes, with their workload. Although it may be too early to see what kind of results the new week yields, sophomore Sarah Coy said, “I personally like the four-day week. It rocks my socks off because even though the days are longer you can’t even tell. I like it. I like it a lot.” So far it seems many students have nothing but good things to say. Ana Rios, a sophomore this year as well, commented on the week by saying, “It really helped me get organized. With an extra day I am able to get all my homework done and still have time for sports.” Continue reading  Post ID 26